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Monday, March 17, 2008

Advertising Service as low as RM2.50!

Dear blogshop oweners…

Firstly thanks for being part of Fashionista In You, and update me when you got new products and event. I sincerely treasure that effort. Arigato *90 degrees bow*

Blogshop directory list is for free.
Sidebar advert can be posted up with a very small fees.

We have come out this paid write up service.
How this write up works?

  • It will be a post that ONLY featuring your blogshop and your blogshop-related picture
  • Post will be updated at Notes of FiY Fan Page visible to our Fans
  • Product Album will be permanently uploaded at FiY Fan Page
  • 1 week of link at the side bar of FiY
  • Blog Post featuring your shop will be delivered to all our subscribers :)

Interested in placing an advertisement on Fashionista In You?

Well, I know that selling online is not really that easy, because you need to keep your blog updated, gaining trust from customer etc. So, I charged minimum fees for you!

This is the fixed advert rates, however details can be discuss. Email me at

Advertisement is charged on weekly basis, with a minimum of 1 week. If you wish to continue for to advertise, do “renew” your status with me.
Continuing adverts may receive special rebate ^^

[click to enlarge]

Location A – Side by side with FiU logo
1big advert [400*200]
2 adverts [200*200] each

Location B – Above Post
1 big advert [580*100]
2 adverts [290*150] each

Location C – Below Every Post (1 Advert will appear 4 times)
1 big advert [580*100]
2 adverts [290*100] each

Location D - Sidebar
[300*150] each

Location E - Vertical Sidebar
[150*300] each

Location F - Mini Sidebar Advert
[120*100] each

***If you want to have a bigger size, let say 350*300 or 350*450 etc, do send in to ^^

** Please note that we reserve the right to make changes above rate at anytime without prior notice. 
Last updated: Wednesday, 17th February 2010.


1) Full payment need to be done within 3 days after confirmation [BEFORE the advertisement is displayed.]

2) We are practicing rotation system.

3) Size of the advert should be exactly the same that have been stated.

4) This arrangement will operate on a first come, first served basis – whoever who makes the payments first.

5) All advert design is provided by blogshop owner.

6) All decision should be final and once payment is made, there will be NO refund.

7) Please note that we reserve the right to make changes above rate at anytime without prior notice.

[ Last updated: Wednesday, 5th October 2011]
**Please ensure that you have read through the T&C and also FAQ for details.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why it is weekly basis?
A: Well, short period of advert time enables blogshop owners who just want to promote short term sales or upcoming events! ^^

Q: What is ‘Rotation System’?
A: Rotation system means new advert will replacing old advert when the old advert doesn’t wish to continue. For example advert A is on top of advert B, and if advert A doesn’t wish to continue, advert B and adverts below of that will be ‘push’ up, replacing the advert before.

Q: If my contract is going to end but I wish to continue, will my advert be placed at the same place or starting from below?
A: If you able to make payment before the end of the initial advert period, and yes, you still can remain your original position. If you enable to make the payment in time, then… Ops… sorry, it will be a brand new contract. [This can be done provided there is no one requesting that particular location. If there is people requesting that location, sorry, your advert needed to be locate at the bottom again]

Q: Can I change my advert during my contract duration?
A: of course! Just send in the edited version!

Q: How to make payment?
A: I only accept bank transfer or if you able to bank in exact amount to my Maybank account only. Details will be given upon confirmation.

Q: Can I place an advertisement wish is not regarding online blogshop?
A: Sure! However, I reserve the right to reject the advert if I found that it is inappropriate

Q: Can I place a word link instead of a picture?
A: Well, we don’t encourage putting word link because blogshop will be listed in the directory for free. However, if you insist of putting word link at the paid advert place, do email me to check on the rate.

** Please note that we reserve the right to make changes above rate at anytime without prior notice. Last updated: Friday, 5 October 2011.

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