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Friday, February 6, 2009

About The Blog

A lil' bit about this blog:

Blog's Founded History...
Took over from my friend’s fashion blog and we have transform the blogshop to a online blogshop directory, a  review site and lifestyle and fashion sharing blog! This is the site that which serve as the platform for online fashion community to interact and share tips with each other. Regardless of anything, from food, fashion, makeups, movie, health etc!

Why Fashionista in You?
This is because we deeply believe everyone has their own style which is unique in their own way. You live in your style, because you are YOU! No one can replace YOU!

So, what we do?
1. We will review shops, to inform e-shoppers what is new and hot. We review fashion in general, and not only focusing on bags, or accessories, or shoes etc.

2. As usual, directories…

3. and yes, updates on promotions, sales and offline sale

4. Yeap, advertising service! As far as we know, Fashionista in You charge the lowest rate among others' review site or directory with really min. charge!! Starting from RM2.50!!

What can we help you?
Firstly, of course promote your item and your blogshop. The more exposure you got, the more hits you get. So, why not?

Then, if you share your ideas or tips in the blog, and the things you shared is one of the post in your own personal blog, so it increase the flow to your blog. Off course, it increases your fame in a way.

Btw, MiC is the combination name of Michelle, iRENE, Celine *winks*

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