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Friday, February 6, 2009

What Shoppers Can Do?

Sharing is caring. Furthermore, we are people who live and we love fashion.
If you have anything that you think it is worthwhile to share, please do so. If everyone shares, the more tips and things will know. Fashion is a big topic and life is a big world.

Why bother to share?
Sharing is caring [you can get tips from other people too…]
Increase the flow to your blog! ^^ [well, if your blog is privatize, then you can choose not to publish your blog]

Let more people to share fashions together!!

~Fashions are meant to be shared~

Share with the online fashion community about:
*if the article that you want to share was not written by you or you get it from other website, please add on that website too.

Fashion & Beauty Sharing:
You can share beauty tips like how to keep the pimples away, or fashion tips like what to mix-match your clothes

Lifestyle Sharing:Whatever that could happen in your life. [it should not be too personal like your blog, but more general] Example, what is the latest movie, nice lyrics, books worthwhile to read, how to plan your money wisely etc.

Events Updates
If you so happen came across or you are going to have a offline sale at a particular place, let me know, so I will let the others know.
Map: [if possible]
Events updated by: [name you wish to publish; your blog]

FiY Spotted
New initiative, new idea! FiY will published some of the stuff we randomly spotted, and blogshop owner who have the item will leave their trail! [we may have some physi al stock in hand too ^^]

Looking For...:
Well, this is not actually sharing, but just for the shoppers who are looking for something, feel free to send me what you are looking for. So, blogshop oweners who have the item will contact you.
I am looking for … [item - a black ribbon belt]…
With … [the features – shinning, width about 5 cm]…
And my budget is … [price – RM 20]…
If you have, please contact me at … [email address or hp]…

** send your sharings/photos/wanted items to me at
Title please put in the categories then the topic: [Lifestyle Sharing] Having Problem in Spending Money?
At the end of your article or mail, please write the name you wish to publish and your blog [optional].

Not to forget, link this blog!!

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