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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fashions & Mis. updated 3/3/09

Love the layers, it dont look childish to me, but another type of feminine.


When this black tunic is on you, as though you are a star!! Shinning all way!!*giggles*


Dark and simple tunic. Without glamour? Pin it up! Is time to design~

Sweet ToothsomeAnother wonderful bloom of spring. Young and energetic. Girls bloom in spring^^

Hit By a Love Bug

Skirt jumpsuit! *chuckles* Dare you to wear it as bareback outfits..

A Shopaholic Epitomist
Satin kimona, the fancy design with smoking spiral shape.^^

it must be paradise

Tri-coloured knee-length dress. Great Combi!!

Do Not Bleach Me Another tri-colour turtle neck dress, similar with pinafore~

Rainbow Ribons White hoodie left only black!! Hurry!!

Eye Candy

Double or single offshoulder top, with fancy drops at the front ^^

Frills Shoppe Pink halter tube with pecil cartoonized design, named it as Paris H.!

Enchanting Hearts
Another formal piece with striking blue, Need no more additional accessories.^^ Oh, not to forget the satin material. ^^

Nice outfit for formal usage! Not everything needed to be in white. ^^

Half white lace top, goes along with most tube dresses, incase you are shy~ #^^#

Splendid Paradise
Kinda vintage style, long puple strips. Sometimes, being bit of tradisional is not a bad idea..

Wardrobe Project
I like the uniqueness in this skirt. It is in Japanese and they are in words! I just love the way they present it in this piece ^^

Jom buy Fashion

Punky and junky fashion!! WE rocks here~

This pair of shoes just simply elegant when women wear on it. Dont know why, just the feeling and the vision stimulation. Well, maybe the flower create the magic *chuckles*

Alirey's Beautiful GarbageAww.. This is so tradisional like~ Especially for dancers!

Leggings, aka tights with assorted colour you can get, full length and cotton type.

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