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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hmm, after Chinese New Year, ladies should back into the hunting mood to get some really trendy pairs!! Coming out is some of the online blogshop's owner's favourite pairs!!
Let's Shoes-alicious!!

From Fashion Barrage, you will get the suede zipper ankle booties which was inspired by Balmain! It is ankle boots that decorated with multiple zipper on vamp and midfoot. Smooth inner lining and footbed should let you feel the comfy of wearing the boots!

Also got another suede crinkle cut out booties which have the cut-out design with a zipper closure at the back! The diamond cut-out design will enhance your leg figure and with the 4 inch heels, your legs will look smaller.

Selection from Yunique Paradise, which I believed you also can get your own unique pieces here! Recommended heels is the trio. Different colour of combination yet giving out the stunning feature! Corset style of  decoration feminize the texture of it.

Next, the buckle heels, massive metal like buckle give you a strong character, is not conceit but the strong confidence and pride, proven that ladies not only can be sexy! 

Presented from Memento Shoes, will have series of flats! Frat not, studded fever has not gone! Decorated with different geometry style and colours of flats that you favor of. Flats is always the best choice for you to have distance walk or for comfort purpose as it wont hurt your muscle, and flats is always easy to go on with!  
Round Studded Flats
Square/Diamond Studded Flats

Picks from You Me and Shoes, white zipper wedges is easy matching with your wardrobe! Get serious during working and presentation, get relax when hanging out with friends! Although there is a certain height, the flat base of wedges ease and sooth your legs, especially those who really can't handle with fine heels!
Coming out next is the Alexander Mcqueen Heels. Heels with covered top, open toe and fine end.  Unique design of it really test on the way you dress and how you going to  match with this pair.  Suggested to mix and match with skinny jeans and leggings with plain collared short sleeves or a wide neckline blouse to portray the neutral side of wildness.

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