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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earth Hour Happenings!!

Hey lovelies,

Earth Hour is back again! 
Purpose of it is to fight against global warming that has been deteriorating! 
Do join this action and support the cause! We can do much more than we expect! ;)

Well, within this one hour, what can you do?
  1. Be romantic and have a walk in the park!
    [Careful!! Don't walk alone at those quite places, beware of your personal safety!
  2. Take a early beauty sleep, your skin will be definitely be refreshing the next day!
    [Continue shopping with your pretty look on Sunday ^^]
  3. Spend these time with your family, have a talk and chit chat all way long at your house garden!
    [Urban hectic lifestyle made us breathless! Think of when is the last time you have a good chat with your love ones? This is the chance.]
  4. Just Think and Reflect
    [Think of whatever you want to think of. Not day or night dreaming, but thinking and reflect about what you want or what is your aim, your plan, your dream etc. Have you lost track? Better keep planning and keep things on track!]
  5. Chillax!
    [Do nothing, Chill and Relax!]

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