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Monday, May 31, 2010

Voucher Giveaway by Emcee Couture

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Get your Voucher worth RM30 from Emcee Couture!!

What are you waiting for??


1. BE a follower and post the details on emceecouture's facebook wall (Just needed to write "i wanna join","count me in" etc at the wall!! NO reason *blink blink*


2. Join as a member in emceecouture's facebook group and post up details.

Isn't that EEEEasy??? 

3 lucky winners will getaway with these voucher!!

The contest ends on 6 of June.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cheerleading Competition is Happening!

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Heading Nowhere this weekend?? Enjoy the CHARM Cheerleading Championships 2010!
It is happening on Friday 8.30 am till Sunday (30/5) 8 pm!!
Do drop by 1 Utama Shopping Centre - Highstreet, Ground Floor to witnessed our Malaysia Cheerleading Competition organized by CHARM and sanctioned by the International Cheer Union! 

Venue sponsor: 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Supported by Celebrity Fitness
Media partner: 8TV
Platinum sponsor: Old Town White Coffee
Gold sponsor: Blackmores
Prize sponsors: Pristine Yoghurt Bars, Buena Vista Columbia TriStar Films, Milo

Dont know how to go? Click here! View map

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

[Contest]THE Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneur Wanted!!!

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THE Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneur

-  are you the ONE equip with entrepreneur skills???- 

The Reward!!

The sole winner will walk away as the very first Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneur with more than RM70,000 worth of prizes:
+ 1x International Trip to Bali / Phuket
+ 1x Domestic Trip to Langkawi / Pulau Perhentian
+ An Exclusive Fashion Show of your Brand on MOFEW Day 3 (Sponsored by SNIPS: worth RM5,000)
+ Media Write-ups and Brand Coverage by Media Sponsors
+ A 1-Year Brand Consultancy, Mentoring and Monitoring Program (A&O Brandbuilding Consultants: worth RM50,000)
+ Creation of Brand Identity (A&O Brandbuilding Consultants: worth RM5,000)
+ 1x Web Hosting and Domain Registration (worth RM500)
+ Physical (offline) Placement Opportunities*
+ and more!*
*subject to change


There is only 3 stages!

Stage 1: Get ‘Em to Like You

Here’s the first step to stardom! Send us one (1) photo / image that represents your business or blogshop, and we’ll post it up on the MOFEW Facebook page. Get as many of your supporters to “like” that image, and the 30 of the best ‘liked’ Online Fashion Entrepreneurs will proceed to the next round!
Objective - This challenge is to put to test your marketing and promotional abilities to gauge your popularity among the public. You are free to utilize the resources you have to generate as many ‘likings’ as possible as an indication of the success of your marketing efforts.
1. Send a Photo / Image to by 1st June 2010, 12.00a.m.
2. Include a witty caption that best describes your business.
3. From the 1st of June, till the 30th of June, get as many supporters to like our MOFEW page, and then ‘like’ your photo.
4. The top 30 Online Fashion Entrepreneurs with the highest number of votes will move on to Round 2!
  • You may only send one (1) photo
  • In the event of a tie, the blogshop owner with the earlier registration date will be chosen.

Stage 2: Get Us to Like You

Now that you’ve gotten to this stage, you have to get us to like your stuff! Simply take three (3) photos of your products being modelled, and send it to us. A panel of judges will assess the creativity and marketing value of the photos, and, together with the public’s vote and only 10 of the best photo sets to move on to the next round.
Objective - This challenge puts your fashion, creativity and marketing knowledge to test by creating three winning product shoots to impress the panel of judges (SNIPS, Elizabeth Collections and A&O Brandbuilding Consultants). Your shots must able to ’sell’ your products on it’s own.
1. Send three (3) photos of your products, in the most creative and interesting way possible.
2. Our panel of judges will assign points to the photo sets. The three photos will also be put up on Facebook, and again, get your supporters to ‘like’ your photos.
3. From a combination of judges points, and the number of people that ‘like’ your photo sets, the top ten (10) Online Fashion Entrepreneurs will move on to Round 3!

Stage 3: The MOFEW Fashion Showdown

You’re in the TOP 10 and now’s the chance for you to shine! With the help of a Hair Consultant from SNIPS, your task is to create a total image for an assigned model, highlighting your products on the MOFEW Runway on the 14th of August (Day 2), in full view of thousands of spectators!
Objective - This final challenge engages your both your fashion skills, knowledge and collaborative effort to create a total image for a model and at the same time, highlighting your product on the runway.
Important Notes:
  • The contest information above may change / updated without any prior notice
  • Updates will be sent and notified via email and online announcements
  • For any queries, feel free to contact: Soon Seng ( or Jan Wong (

Quoted from "The Search of THE Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneur"
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Another New List @ FiY Directory!

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Is summer time! Get a windy chiffon knitted dress from Calia Outlet to shine in the hot day!!

Or you can get a baggy shorts to reflect your fashion sense! - Secret Garden
*with legging is a match too*

Down to sexiness with a deep V jump suit from  Madammoiselle Theory

Or a lil' sense of rebellion from the biker's jacket at Beautiful Society Shop

Sense of tribe with embroidered polka dot dress at Macam Macam Ada

New at Poppet Charm, enameled dark angel necklace!

Unique Jean's jeans patch work tote at Take Me Home Please? :)

Or patent authentic metallic tote from I Want Bags! Range of colours of your choice!

Zipper tote? Spotted here at Kandee-licious

Or another leather patch work design by Redjambu?

Get your pop style Coach tote with metallic leather trim at Luxury Boutique

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Calling all Vendors for Weekend Bazaar!

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Bazaar is always the best place to head to for cheap and trendy items!!

Due to overwhelming response, Ryl Design is extending the weekend bazaar at Subang Parade till August!

June : 5th and 6th ; 26th and 27th
July : 3rd and 4th ; 31st
August : 1st, 7th and 8th ; 21st and 22nd
Time:    11am till 9pm
Venue:  First Floor, Subang Parade (Opposite of Celebrity Fitness)
             First Floor, Subang Parade (Opposite of Toys’R’Us)

Vendor Application! Click Here!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

New List @ FiY Directory!

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What's New in FiY's directory??
This polka dress with laced straps gives you the sweet high school temperament - Sugar Poppins

Personally, I adores the pleated bloom design at the front. It is bold and portray the confidence - Simply French Boutique
Something sweet and comfy, and at Oh Miss Rhapsody you have this lil' piece of cardigan!

Get into the retro mood with the loosen up printed tee at Pop.Pop

Party at the night, get sexy yet not over-the-moon with the hot top and studded design at sleeves from TR Collection

Artistic in you drive you to have this piece of water-coloured-paint-design of top - Undeniably Sweet

Adores Korean/Japanese kawaii's fashion? Get one pleated short skirts with laces or more from GV Boutique

Not too short? What about a high waisted floral printed skirt at Cutie Fashion Wonderland?

Get bling bling with whole sets of bangles from Scandalous Secret

LOVE THIS!! Imagine all the hardwork to get this piece sewed! Dont have iPhone, get the iPhone-cover instead!! One Love Cottage

Haha, sometimes just want to get wild with different kinds of contact lens - Divalens

Sheer Babydoll with Marabou Trims piece of lingerie from Ratu of Lingerie! More sexy and daring outfits there!!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stay Young? Eat this!!

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By Doug Donaldson

Antioxidants are prized for their amazing ability to fight heart disease, cancer, and aging. Which item tops the list of antioxidant foods? Surprise! It's the small red bean. Find out what else made the list.

A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found other surprises, including that russet potatoes, pecans, and cinnamon are high in antioxidants.
“The bottom line is the same: Eat more fruits and veggies,” says Ronald Prior, Ph.D., with the USDA’s Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center in Little Rock.
Keep reading for the full list of antioxidant foods and recipes.

Small Red Bean
While all beans have health benefits, the more colorful beans, such as red and black, may have an added bonus. Beans contain eight flavonoids, plant substances that act as nature’s dyes and give many fruits and vegetables their colors. Scientists say these plant chemicals act as antioxidants to give you some protection against heart disease and certain cancers. Serve beans as a side dish or substitute them for meat once or twice a week.
Bean Tips:
• Add a handful of intensely flavored greens, such as arugula, and a touch of Parmesan cheese to perk up a humble bean dish.
• Combine tomatoes, which are high in vitamin C, with beans, a source of iron, and your body will absorb more of the iron.
Reach for red and black beans as often as possible for a more potent nutritional boost.

Blue Berries
Blueberries are tops when it comes to good-for-you benefits. They’re loaded with a healthy plant-chemical called anthocyanins, which give them that gorgeous blue hue and provide some protection against heart disease. Preliminary research also indicates that blueberries may have a positive effect on improving night vision and reducing blood glucose levels.

Red Kidney Beans
Beans, including garbanzo, white, black, red, and navy, are naturally low in fat and contain no saturated fat, trans fats, or cholesterol. They are high in protein, fiber, iron, folic acid, and potassium. In addition to health benefits related to heart disease and cancer, studies also suggest eating beans may help manage diabetes and cut the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
The Benefits of Beans
• Eat legumes regularly. A recent study found that people who eat legumes (beans, peas, and peanuts) four or more times each week lower their risk of developing heart disease by 22 percent compared with those who eat them less than once a week.
• Beans can be as effective as oat bran in lowering cholesterol.
• Remember that 1⁄2 cup of beans provides at least 10 percent of your daily folate needs.

Pinto Beans
The benefits of eating beans far outweigh the notorious side effects. Beans are naturally low in fat and contain no saturated fat, trans fats, or cholesterol. They are high in protein, fiber, iron, folic acid, and potassium. In addition to health benefits related to heart disease and cancer, studies also suggest eating beans may help manage diabetes and cut the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

Blue Berries
Blue Berries Blueberries contain no fat or cholesterol. They're high in fiber and low in calories. Blueberries are bursting with antioxidants, containing more than you find in 40 other fruits and vegetables. Look for berries that have a silvery bloom coating. If not, they may not be fresh or may have been washed and won't keep as long. Frozen blueberries are just as nutritious as fresh.

For years, doctors have touted the fact that cranberries prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract, thus cutting down on the possibility of infections. Now researchers also point out that cranberries are high in antioxidants and other phytonutrients important for protecting the body against heart disease, cancer, and other conditions, such as memory loss.

Low in calories and sodium, artichokes are packed with vitamin C, folate, and fiber. For beginners, artichokes from the jar are available. If you're up for adventure, try the fresh variety, which take a little practice to snip and trim.

Packed with anthocyanins, a plant chemical that gives them their deep color and act as antioxidants, blackberries are also rich in vitamin C and fiber, which have been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease.

Long revered as a good source of fiber, prunes are also being recognized for their antioxidant properties and helping slow age-related mental and physical problems.

High in polyphenolic compounds, which are plant chemicals that act as powerful antioxidants and fight cardiovascular disease and cancer, raspberries help fight inflammation and have been used to reduce arthritis-related pain.

-Adapted from Fitness Mag-

Monday, May 17, 2010

MOFEW'10 - First & Biggest Gathering of Online Fashion Entrepreneurs!

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Dear blogshop owner and vendors,

Have you ever thinking of doing for a good deed while getting your sales run and generating profit? Here is your chance!! 
Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend (MOFEW) 
FIRST ever event in Malaysia that gathers online fashion entrepreneurs to this central venue 
Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) – Hall 3
Date: 13th – 15th August 2010 (Friday – Sunday)
Time: 11am – 9pm (Friday & Saturday), 11am – 7pm (Sunday)
FREE Admission!!

This event is to:
"Create nationwide awareness on the rise of online fashion entrepreneurs in Malaysia, promoting, inspiring and challenging online entrepreneurship by highlighting the enterprising attributes, creativity, innovation and success of today’s entrepreneurs along with the desire of giving back to the society.- Brandbuilder @"
Who and why you need to participate?
The Fashion Lovers!!
Not only your blogshopper but also walk in shopper!! Or even random people that so happen to be in that place!! They will just hunt down all the fashion loveliness there!

Blogshop Owner and Online Fashion Entrepreneurs!
Get you blogshop and brand spotted and known at the same time!! Target attendees are 50,000 – 100,000!!

Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs (in the search of the right product and seeking practical guidance)
THIS event will help you identify the right product from Business Owners to start off your very own online business (You will be guided through the entire process)!

Business Owners
Go beyond offline business into online sphere that allows you to engage with resellers/partners or services for online business expansion! Not to forget, get your brand and product known!

What You can EXPECT??
+ SHOPPING from over 100 Online Fashion Entrepreneurs (online boutiques);
+ A PHYSICAL guided WALKTHROUGH on how you can start-up an online business right away;
+ Networking with Business Owners that provides resources for your potential online business;
+ Fashion Shows;
+ Fashion Related Workshops including Personal Image, Hairstyling, Make-up Workshops and more!;
+ The opportunity to obtain Online Business Start-up Tips from the BrandBuilders themselves!;
+ Band Performances;
+ Lucky Draws and many more!

nterested to get involved?? Here are the additional benefits:

- Shop among more than 100 Online Fashion Entrepreneurs!
- Opportunities for Online Business Startups!
- Attend FREE personal image, make-up and hair styling workshops, fashion tips and more!
- Explore online business possibilities with Startup Workshops!
- Witness live band performances
- Network with fellow Online Entrepreneurs!
- Participate in lucky draws

How is The Booth Like?
Online Fashion Entrepreneur: Exhibitor's Booth

Together with:

- 10 CHANGING ROOM available around the area

What are you waiting for?
EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for Online Fashion Entrepreneur/Blogshop Owner!!  
Click here to get the pricing and booth booking form!
Click here for floor plan
Or email for more details!

Official Charity Body: 
Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah (PPKKCTM)

To get more info, visit MOFEW'10 Official Website!

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A lil' bit of Glare

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Glaring sunlight and glaring chiffon tube dress, what a match *blink blink* - My Pandora Box

Or what about white tube dress for girls with height?? -Clothes For Chic

Never be dim with huge design ring from The Valvy Sisters

Feeling empty? Hang it on with a glaring "stone" that caught ppl's attention - Cute Clip

Even get a oversized Tee which looks like you are "blinking" with all the mini boxes- Black Milk Project

Never lose your suede pump for a wonderful night - Vienna Lace

More glamor?? Get your pre-order from The Shoe Collection!

Retro style of attention, get the square print skirt from The IT Girl

Not geometrical shape? What about having bold tulips from Vivace Cabin?

Or want it be sexy with leopard prints from Its Boxing Day Everyday?

Get the doodle hoodie from The Paper Box Couture!

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