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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get a Booth @ Enspired Ramadhan Bazaar

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Ramadhan is just around the corner, and you dont wanna miss this chance to have your booth set up at Hang Tuah, KL Monorail!!

There is only 15 booth for Enspired Ramadhan Bazaar, and the organizer is looking for traders who is selling Malay food and beverage!!

Details as follow:
Enspired Ramadhan Bazaar @ Hang Tuah, KL Monorail
Venue: Hang Tuah KL Monorail station, Jalan Hang Tuah, Pudu, KL.Dates: 11 Aug - 10 Sept 2010 (31 days)Rental: RM1,500 (31 days)Provided: Booth space 10'x10', table 6'x3' with table cloth and 2 chairs. Also inclusive of electric, water and DBKL license.STATUS: EXTREMELY LIMITED! (Only 15 booths!)


Copy and paste the following form into your application email -
Full Name as per IC:
IC/Passport Number:
Description of food/beverage:
Send your email applications over to Don't wait too long to decide because spaces are extremely limited!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

iPhone Apps Available

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If you have an iPhone or iPod with you, and you are eager, keen and excited with the upcoming event, get this app now HERE!!

What you can do with this App??

  • Get to know the participants of MOFEW, 
  • What are these stylo people coming in with
  • Contact them wherever you want!
  • Access the event floor plan  AND
  • Gain access to EXCLUSIVE vouchers only for iPhone users!

Think of it, iPhone Apps is downloadable in iTunes over 92 countries worldwide, highlighting the Online Fashion Scene in Malaysia!


This App will be expanded into a full blown iPhone Online Fashion Entrepreneurs Directory immediately after MOFEW 2010, evolving into a project on it's own to continually promote this thriving industry.

Meaning, you can actually directly SHOP even when you are on the go! Never feel frustrated by going through all the tabs and links *wink*

Wanna have an insight on the fashion entrepreneurs balloting session to find their booth??
Check more photos HERE and the updated Floor Plan and and, their balloting session Video

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Design And Get Voucher!

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Ancient Orchids is 2 Years Old NOW!!!


They are sharing this joy with everyone, especially those who is into DESIGN!!

Ancient Orchids is organizing 2 contest and giving out prizes of up to RM395 worth of cash voucher/clothes from Ancient Orchids!!!

Listen up for the details!!
Competition 1 - Create a Header for Ancient Orchids
Competition 2 - Create a Linking Banner for Ancient Orchids

In order to participate, your  Header/ Linking Banner should

  •  be one that is and in tandem with Ancient Orchids website
  •  be your own original work/creation
  •  be a piece of artwork that blends in well with our web-page

Deadline : By 11.30pm on the 9th of July 2010.

  • Prize for best header = RM120 voucher  from Ancient Orchids
  • Prize for best Linking/Side banner = RM70 voucher from Ancient Orchids
  • There will be 3 consolation prizes for the the next 3 best header creation worth RM35 of voucher each from Ancient Orchids
  • There will also be 5 consolation prizes worth RM20 voucher each for the next 5 best linking/side banners
  • All vouchers are redeemable against the available clothes from Ancient Orchids only

Rules and Regulations
  • This contest is open to anyone within Malaysia
  • The sizing of the header should be able to fit in, and in the right size/resolution
  • Linking/side banners should be in the appropriate sizing/file type
  • Mail you entries to latest by 11.30pm, 9th of July 2010. 

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Wello dearies,

Another updates from FiY to regarding MOFEW that is happening on 13 to 15 August at MidValley!! Dont miss this chance as it will be the biggest event for lots of fashion blogshop owner and entrepreneurs to be there!!!

Ok, we are now talking about "THE SEARCH", one of the highlight for MOFEW!!!
THE SEARCH is a contest to help these online fashion entrepreneur to develop their entrepreneurial skills and fashion knowledge and the winner of this contest will get away with a prize of RM70000!
These contestant NEED YOUR HELP!
In stage one is testing on their marketing and promotional skills! They need to upload their relevant photos at the FanPage and voted by YOU by clicking the "LIKE" button before 30th June 2010 to pass through Stage 1.

You know what?? Lots of blogshop owner and online entrepreneurs have offer a lots of return for you by LIKE-ing their photos!! Such as discount, freebies and lots to go!!!
SAW the pictures you adores??? Support THEM!!
below are some randomly picked contest's photo. For more, click here

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Contest: Translate to Win Yourself Vouchers

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Are you pro in Japanese Language??

Is your chance to get away with RM10 Voucher simply through translate it!!!

The first person who able to translate it GETS IT!!

You can redeem your voucher from this 2 sites! Cherish Our Kids blog or f Petite Sews.

What are you waiting for??

If you are not sure, but get it a try by commenting on the pic's post and get 10% off on any smocking dress too! and add your self as follower on their site. 

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[Wanted] Looking for Oxford Shoes

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Mysara Asrat is looking for  am looking for an oxford shoes, with heels. either brown or cream, size 40!
If any of the fashion blogshop/boutique owner have similar one, do leave your comment below :)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who is at MOFEW?

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Hey lovely shoppers,

As you all know, FiY has been the Online Media Support for MOFEW!!

So do drop by this event and SHOP at the same time make an IMPACT :)
Not to forget, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODIES for you good XD

Kay kay, these maybe your fav. online fashion owner who will be at this event! Or hunt the lovelies there!

I Want Bags with all genuine branded bags with reasonable price! Featuring Coach Horse and Carriage Khaki Tote

Nakalicious best seller flap bags - Inspired Classic Flap Bag in Black

Inspired Classic Flap Bag in Black

My Bag Organizer - Organize everything!! Ever imagine the below bag is actually baby diapers bag? Looks trendy and not obvious for me!! Ring the bell mom, get one!!

Tanksfor5 - All tank-ies for only RM5 YUP! RM5!

Wooflepetz - Shop for yourself AND your pet!! Big Brown Ribbon Pinafore *hearts*

QQQueen - Knitted neckline design for tunic! *Cute~~*
sb290 Sexy Tank Dress Black

Vego Fashion -  Brilliant design and cutting with slimming effect!! Your Elegant Way! 

Trolley Dollies - Hot selling floral skirt shouldnt missed!

Yunique Paradise - All the way from Penang to this event with  Gladiator Wedges and MORE! Your Shoe Paradize!

La Dolce - Top up you accessories with lots of lovelies that you can grab!

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