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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Password By LeClothes

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Le Clothes

Special Offers for readers of FiY!!!
Free Postage on ALL items at both LaRobe & LeClothes and LeClothes PreOrder
5% off total bill when you mentioned to them 
THE PASSWORD:  We Love LeClothes

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MOFEW Quickie Updates and CONTEST!

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From the perspective Top 25 Online Fashion Entrepreneurs of MOFEW: The Search that YOU selected!!

Quickie Updates!
The MOFEW + Malaysian Today Mysterious Markers roadshow have visited Taylor's @ SS15, HELP University College, Kolej Bandar Utama and do check up where are they NEXT! It maybe near your college or area!!!!

Featuring MOFEW by recent issues of Malaysian Today and I.M. Magazine, and this event is continue spreading!!! Watch out for Klue and Faces magazine that will also be highlighting MOFEW 2010 :)

Win yourself tons and lucrative PRIZES!!
Stay tune for MORE!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Details on Creative and Charity Bazaar

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C+C Creative Walks with Charity – a fabulous combination of Creativity and Charity, brings you for the first time in Malaysia, a new paradigm for charity organisations. It allows youths to show up their creativity at the same time to do charity. Malaysia’s Largest Creative Handmade Bazaar is born! There will be 60 creative handmade booths with over 10,000 pieces of creative handmade items to let you eye-popping!
All vendors are here to design their innovatively creative booth to be crowned [The Most Creative Booth Award]!
Participating Celebrities!
Wincci Soo
Wincci Soo
Vick 张祖诚
Vick 张祖诚
Participating Artists:
C+C Ambassadors – Jeffrey Cheng, Liew Li Li
Popular Talented Singer – Yise Luo
Malaysia’s Most Popular Rap Group – Manhand
The New-Generation Artist – Adrian Tan
The New-Generation Talented Singer – Amy Wang
Malaysia’s First Dancing Idol Group – V
Versatile Talent: Vick
Most Talented Beauty Pageants – Wincci Soo, Cindy
Hosts from 988 Radio Station, 8TV and One FM
Variety of Performances on Creative Bazaar Stage:
Guitar Koto Performance, Music Composing Performance by Students, Hip Hop Dance, Drama Performance, Brazilian Dance, Diabolo, Creative Taekwando Self-Defensing Performance, Children Dance, Nyoba Kan, Folk Songs Performance, The Joker Trio and more…

Exhibition of 100 pieces artworks from Innovation Design, Recycled Art and Creative Photography by Malaysia’s Youths

Live Voting Session to allow public to vote for their favorite piece, Tender of artworks, Shortlisted talents to share on Creativity
Don’t miss out the Interactive Talk Sessions with professionals, a rare opportunity for you to interact with acclaimed instructors! (Free Admission, Seating Based on First Come First Serve Basis)
• Distinguish Creative Art Director (Also the Founder of At Home Creative) – Raymond Teo [Topic: ] 17/7 ,1pm
• Popular Rap Group – Manhand [Topic: Psychological Well Being and Music] 17/7, 2pm
• Renown Intellectual Property Organisation LCCA – [Topic: An Introduction to Intellectual Property] 17/7, 3pm
• The Founder of Cut Out Magazine also Famous Graphic Designer Jay Lim – How to make money and love with creativity – [Topic: Love & Money] 18/7, 12pm
• Talented artist also the founder of Starhill Artseni Gallery, Philip Wong – [Topic: New Ideas through Environmental Protection] 18/7, 1pm
• Photography Director also the Founder of Cher Studio – Paul Cher [Topic: See. Think] 18/7, 2pm
• Popular Talented Photographer Chuan Looi – [Topic: Creative Photography Ideas] 18/7, 5pm
• Leica的相机镜头, 天才摄影师Chuan Looi 的超凡技术,带出[爱与关怀摄影展]
• Qualitas 保健医疗服务机构,现场提供免费体检及专业医生珍察与咨询,包括糖尿测验(10am-12am *检验前不得进食) 、体重管理(10am-9pm)、骨骼钙质与密度检验(12am-2pm)、皮肤解析(2pm-5pm)、牙齿敏感度(10am-9pm)、戒烟计划(4pm-9pm)
• 与知名艺人合照
• 学习缝纫入门术、DIY手作品、咖啡艺术等等
• 现场还有很多礼物派送,我们一起期待这个创意平台的诞生。

C+C Birth Ceremony
Birth Date: 17th July 2010
Birth Time: 11.00am Sharp
Birth Place: Boulevard, Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur / Facebook: Creative walks with Charity

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creative + Charity Bazaar!!

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About Creative Bazaar:

Spain, Holland, England, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and many other abroad countries no longer take creative handicraft as a new fashion, but a lifestyle instead.

A life thawed by creativity, tend to bring some surprises and excitement in just another ordinary day.

Creative Handicraft bazaar’s will create a market which there will be no cloning and faking product; it is a medium preaching for original. Also, every item that was created is aimed to relate to environmental protection, from the material to the theme.

Exhibition lot in the venue should be the extension theme tally with the design itself. C+C will vote for ‘Most Creative Lot Decoration’ on the event day.

Do you possess many vigorous thoughts, but fail to find the right space to develop?
Creative Handicraft bazaar’s provide you the medium for original design, and encourage youngsters with creative mind, let’s join this fun and meaningful Creative Handicraft bazaar’s with enthusiastic!

Bazaar’s Date: 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun) July, 2010
Venue: Boulevard (ground floor), Berjaya Time Square, K.L.(main street on the main entrance)
Time: 10am to 9pm
Target Seller:
a.posseses own design branding or piece
b.image design
c.creative handicraft, or
d.exquisite handmade cuisine

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Style Part 2

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As a continue version of Summer Style that you can engraved on this season by Gabrielle Porcaro from the Ladies Journal, there is another 2 style that you can hooked up on!! Together with the matchable accessories and the availability of alternative choices from blogshop owner!!

Third style: Trendy
If you are courageous and bold enough, try to add on bright and stunning colour on your out fit! A must-have-one-piece in your closet, like the rompers, fashionable and simple! Matched it up with a straw fedora, lil of boyish but yet feminine and to cool you when you are under the sun! More cool shades with nude, natural colours can just add on to the collection! Not to forget the interesting shape of the sunglasses to add on to your fashionable taste! Daring enought? Go with a neon colour shoes to get a '80s flashback, and to add the pop in you~
Try Trendy

The alternative pick for a not so daring choice of shoes, is to get a open toe beach wedges from Korean Fashion2U. Is cooling and is just the one to get when you are at the beach! Or lighter one with floral design at the slipper can be your another pick! Talking about getting a piece of one-piece, try the floral rompers from Diva's Divine! Is funky and you can be bolder with range of colours of accessories ~

Forth style: Be Boho
The Boho Style! Get loosen shapes and hippie style and match it with ethnic accessories! The long strapless maxi can give you the chic look, with the hippie + floppy hat that exaggerate your boho vibe! grab a graphic bag or embroidery bag to have the ethnic sense in it, tote can livens up any summer style outfit! Typical classic sandals is always as comfy and easy to go with, like your BBQ party in the summer!

Be Boho

For alternative selection, get another summer bright strapless tube from Clothes For Sale. Not a maxi but a short tube dress can definitely be the best choice in the hot summer days for Malaysia that always hot and humid @.@ Not too bright?? Get the floral halter dress for this tropical season from Vogue Nation.The tropical leaves design do give the ethnic style for you boho needs!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


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I am looking for HIGH WAISTED SHORTS and LONG TAPERED PANTS (i dont mind if its preloved)
With military buttons for high waisted shorts.
And my budget is below RM50 including postage
If you have, please contact me at

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Vote for Creative Competition for C+C

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C+C Creative Competition Field Online Voting Terms and Conditions
1. Voting Period: 5th July 2010, 00.00 until 15th July 2010, 24:00 
2. The scope of online voting limits to only shortlisted artworks decided by C+C.
3. Online voting session carries 20% of the total points for the competition. Other sessions are Live Voting(30%) and Professional Judgement(50%). 4. During voting, you need to fill in your accurate Contact Number and E-mail address or the voting will be regarded as unsuccessful.
5. Each voter is allowed to vote only once for each category. The first voted result will be used if there are repeated votes from the same voter.
6. If there is any malicious or duplicated voting situation, the organizer has the right to shut down the Online Voting session to guarantee the safety and accuracy of the Online Voting system.
7. The organizer has the right to amend and correct any outstanding issues.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Style Part 1

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Summer is here babe! To match up with this season summerish style, went through an article by Gabrielle Porcaro from the Ladies Journal!! Is all depends on you! Whether you want to look glamorous, trendy, bohemian, or nautical, and gear up with some of the must-have-go-along accessories!!

First style: Naturally Nautical aka GO SAILGIRL :)
Navy + Sailor + Boat + Sea and Strips!! Made you stylish all the way from the land to the sea! The toga asymmetric navy strips match with the sea treasure chain, from the wheels to the anchor accessories for your upper part. A simple canvas bag with simple details together with gladiator sandals for the dress or even paired it up with a jeans!

Echo Nautical Cover Up
Alternative choices, spotted at A Season in Summer! A good place for you to catch up with the summer trend!! They have this sailor pants and the cap too! The gold details out-stand the plain black made. If you go for a more oversized fashion, get a piece of stripped top at The IT Girl Online, the navy strip style!

Second Style: Go Glam!
Navy look not enough?? Try the glamming one!! Simple tunic will do and paired with fancy lil accessories or massive sizes! Simply chic tunic with a stylish way, light and shade yourself from the ultraviolet! Match it up with trendy shades like celine toning sunglasses! Not to forget! Big fancy hat for sun protection, and a sandals for a complete look!

Go Glam

Spoted from Lovely Closet, go for a pink tunic dress instead if you feeling the sweetness of the day! If you wanna go glam with a oversized top, you may wanna think about the sluggish bottoms and you can get a prefect match from Stylossimmo, with studded details that glams you up :) Not a hat, go with a button polka dots accessories that you can get from BubuChak.

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THE SEARCH Stage 1 -> Stage 2

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The SEARCH result is out!! Thanks to all the supporting fans, shoppers and those who vote for the logos!!
The long awaited results of MOFEW: The Search (Stage 1).. Bringing to you your Top 25 of MOFEW: The Search (Stage 1) as below:
1. Très Trésors: 652 votes
2. Rara Black: 630 votes
3. Mystique: 235 votes
4. Quirky Brown Cow: 206 votes
5. Supermodel’s Secret: 205 votes
6. My Pandora Box: 205 votes
7. My Favourite Tees: 193 votes
8. Yunique Paradise: 193 votes
9. Soul Chic: 165 votes
10. Chiino Pieces: 159 votes
11. Angel Glory: 147 votes
12. Travellers Jewellery: 145 votes
13. Whatever Darl: 145 votes
14. Sugar Dressing: 139 votes
15. Nanano Boutique: 136 votes
16. Prettiesroom69’s: 135 votes
17. Emmycubic: 130 votes
18. Nakalicious: 125 votes
19. Dark Beads: 120 votes
20. Shop.Alot: 120 votes
21. Itsy Beadsy: 117 votes
22. Ugly Duckling Closet: 115 votes
23. Paper Bag: 114 votes
24. Club Mod: 112 votes
25. Grazioso: 111 votes

S0, what's NEXT??

The advanced blogshop owner will need to get MOFEW to like their stuff!!

Blogshop owner/online entrepreneur will need to  take three (3) photos of your products being modelled, and send it to us. A panel of judges will assess the creativity and marketing value of the photos, and, together with the public’s vote and only 8 of the best photo sets to move on to the next round.

Objective - This challenge puts your fashion, creativity and marketing knowledge to test by creating three winning product shoots to impress the panel of judges (SNIPS, Elizabeth Collections and A&O Brandbuilding Consultants). Your shots must able to ’sell’ your products on it’s own.
1. Send three (3) photos of your products, in the most creative and interesting way possible.
2. Our panel of judges will assign points to the photo sets. The three photos will also be put up on Facebook, and again, get your supporters to ‘like’ your photos.
3. From a combination of judges points, and the number of people that ‘like’ your photo sets, the top eight (8) Online Fashion Entrepreneurs will move on to Round 3!

SO, do wait for the photos to be uploaded to FB and be prepare to vote for your fav pic!!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Charity Bazaar at UCTI

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There is another charity bazaar organized at UCTI starting on 5th to 14th of July!! Do drop by if you are free!!

If you are curious abt the event schedule, do click and enlarge to have further details! at the same time shop at the booth too!!

If  you are targeting college or university students, here is your chance to set up a booth at UCTI.

Organized by the Student Activity & Recreational Council Of UCTI, they are having a Charity Bazaar that will be going on from the 5th of July till the 14th of July and they are seeking for interested Blogshop to open up a booth at Main Atrium...

Table and table cloth will be provided and blogshop owner is free to pick any day to join in and set up their booth provided that there is availability which is based on a first come first serve basis.Example 10th July and 13th July

Table Measurement:Width:5 feet

                              Height:2 feet

They only charged RM30 per table-per day,whereby the money collected from the sale of  table would 

be donated to our listed charity homes...

P/S: If you need any any power supply and bringing in additional props examples clothes stand and all..please kindly inform the organizer to allocate enough spacing.

For more details, you can refer to 

Siew Ling at

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Sugar Poppins Giveaway!

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Another giveaway by generous Sugar Poppins!!
They would like to share their happiness of celebrating their 3rd anniversary by giving out 10 headbands, in various style, design, colour to suit for chic mode, dinner function or any other events!!

How to grab these headbands?
Just follow the 3 simple steps below and you will stand a chance to getaway with one of them!!

1) You have to be a member of our Facebook Fanpage. If you haven’t, all you need to do is to “Like” our fanpage at!/pages/SugarPoppins/124514134244028

2) Go to our “SugarPoppins 3rd Anniversary Giveaway” album at!/album.php?aid=19400&id=124514134244028 and click “Like” to vote for your top 3 fave headbands.

3) Email to informing us that you have voted and let us know your top 5 preferences for the headbands.

*Winners will be chosen at random and will be informed on the 1st week of August 2010.
**Postage will be borne by the winners and all headbands will have to be redeemed by Friday, 3 September 2010.

This event started on 1/7/10 and ending at 31/7/10

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Health and Beauty Expo 2010

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To all the beauty,

If you are interested in health and maintain your beauty [which most of us do :)] , and you are not hook up with anything this 2 days, dont miss your chance to attend the the Health and Beauty Expo 2010, organized by MINES Events Management Sdn. Bhd. (MEM) at the Mines Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre.( MIECC)
inhealth and beaute expo 2010 logo
What is this expo all about?
The theme of this expo is  “Healthy Lifestyle towards a Healthy Nation”, as mentioned, it is a lifestyle-focused exhibition featuring exhibitors from all parts of the health and lifestyles sector, including health, wellness, beauty, fitness and spas. So, dont miss your chance to learn about the  importance of a healthy well-balanced lifestyle and the best methods to achieve this.

Highlights and activities?
Free various health screening
Free mini makeover.
Organic food sampling.
Fitness workout.
Yoga & qi gong demonstration
Cooking demo on healthy methods
Blood donation 
In door triathlon competition (rowing, treadmill running & cycling)
International seminar by renown speakers on “industrial hygiene”
Special appearance by Hong Kong actress, Maggie Shiu
Talks on staying healthy tips, hair care therapy and more
Door gift for early bird.
Free photo shooting (A4 size photo)
Great prize for lucky draw.

Where do you go for more details ?
Event : IN’ HEALTH and BEAUTE EXPO 2010
Date : 02 July – 04 July 2010
Venue : Hall B & C, MIECC, MINES Resort City
Time : 11.00am – 9.00pm
Admission fee: FREE (Yes, it’s FREE)
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New Rates for Postage!!

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Dear beloved shoppers and blogshop owner,

Just in case you haven't notice yet, the postage rate have increased dramatically!! For normal standard rate is 100% increase!!! Oh My Geee!

Do take note of this as it applicable in our daily life and also do considerate on the increase :)

Adapted from Pos Malaysia Website.

Effective 1 July 2010
CategoryWeightPostage rate (RM)
Standard MailUp to 20g0.60
Above 20g − 50g0.70
Non-Standard Mail ***Up to 50g0.80
Above 50g − 100g0.90
Above 100g − 250g1.00
Above 250g − 500g2.00
Above 500g − 1kg3.50
Above 1kg − 2kg5.50
PeriodicalUp to 20g0.50
Above 20g − 50g0.60
Above 50g − 100g0.80
Above 100g − 250g0.90
PosDokumen *Up to 500g1.80
Above 500g − 1kg3.00
Above 1kg − 2kg4.50
Small Packet *Up to 1kg4.00
Above 1kg − 2kg5.50
Parcel **Up to 2kg7.00
Every 1kg thereafter up to 30kg
As for Pos Ekpress, not really sure about the increment, but what I heard was it was increased about RM0.50 to RM1.

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