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Friday, July 9, 2010

THE SEARCH Stage 1 -> Stage 2

The SEARCH result is out!! Thanks to all the supporting fans, shoppers and those who vote for the logos!!
The long awaited results of MOFEW: The Search (Stage 1).. Bringing to you your Top 25 of MOFEW: The Search (Stage 1) as below:
1. Très Trésors: 652 votes
2. Rara Black: 630 votes
3. Mystique: 235 votes
4. Quirky Brown Cow: 206 votes
5. Supermodel’s Secret: 205 votes
6. My Pandora Box: 205 votes
7. My Favourite Tees: 193 votes
8. Yunique Paradise: 193 votes
9. Soul Chic: 165 votes
10. Chiino Pieces: 159 votes
11. Angel Glory: 147 votes
12. Travellers Jewellery: 145 votes
13. Whatever Darl: 145 votes
14. Sugar Dressing: 139 votes
15. Nanano Boutique: 136 votes
16. Prettiesroom69’s: 135 votes
17. Emmycubic: 130 votes
18. Nakalicious: 125 votes
19. Dark Beads: 120 votes
20. Shop.Alot: 120 votes
21. Itsy Beadsy: 117 votes
22. Ugly Duckling Closet: 115 votes
23. Paper Bag: 114 votes
24. Club Mod: 112 votes
25. Grazioso: 111 votes

S0, what's NEXT??

The advanced blogshop owner will need to get MOFEW to like their stuff!!

Blogshop owner/online entrepreneur will need to  take three (3) photos of your products being modelled, and send it to us. A panel of judges will assess the creativity and marketing value of the photos, and, together with the public’s vote and only 8 of the best photo sets to move on to the next round.

Objective - This challenge puts your fashion, creativity and marketing knowledge to test by creating three winning product shoots to impress the panel of judges (SNIPS, Elizabeth Collections and A&O Brandbuilding Consultants). Your shots must able to ’sell’ your products on it’s own.
1. Send three (3) photos of your products, in the most creative and interesting way possible.
2. Our panel of judges will assign points to the photo sets. The three photos will also be put up on Facebook, and again, get your supporters to ‘like’ your photos.
3. From a combination of judges points, and the number of people that ‘like’ your photo sets, the top eight (8) Online Fashion Entrepreneurs will move on to Round 3!

SO, do wait for the photos to be uploaded to FB and be prepare to vote for your fav pic!!

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