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Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Style Part 1

Summer is here babe! To match up with this season summerish style, went through an article by Gabrielle Porcaro from the Ladies Journal!! Is all depends on you! Whether you want to look glamorous, trendy, bohemian, or nautical, and gear up with some of the must-have-go-along accessories!!

First style: Naturally Nautical aka GO SAILGIRL :)
Navy + Sailor + Boat + Sea and Strips!! Made you stylish all the way from the land to the sea! The toga asymmetric navy strips match with the sea treasure chain, from the wheels to the anchor accessories for your upper part. A simple canvas bag with simple details together with gladiator sandals for the dress or even paired it up with a jeans!

Echo Nautical Cover Up
Alternative choices, spotted at A Season in Summer! A good place for you to catch up with the summer trend!! They have this sailor pants and the cap too! The gold details out-stand the plain black made. If you go for a more oversized fashion, get a piece of stripped top at The IT Girl Online, the navy strip style!

Second Style: Go Glam!
Navy look not enough?? Try the glamming one!! Simple tunic will do and paired with fancy lil accessories or massive sizes! Simply chic tunic with a stylish way, light and shade yourself from the ultraviolet! Match it up with trendy shades like celine toning sunglasses! Not to forget! Big fancy hat for sun protection, and a sandals for a complete look!

Go Glam

Spoted from Lovely Closet, go for a pink tunic dress instead if you feeling the sweetness of the day! If you wanna go glam with a oversized top, you may wanna think about the sluggish bottoms and you can get a prefect match from Stylossimmo, with studded details that glams you up :) Not a hat, go with a button polka dots accessories that you can get from BubuChak.

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