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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Giveaways!

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Glossy Amor is giving out FREE FABULOUS CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS TO TWO LUCKY CUSTOMERS!! Fabulous giveaways are items from ANNA SUI and L'OCCITANE EN PROVENCE. 

How receive these giveaways??
 1)Purchase any product from Glossy Amor starting 21st November 2010 till 21st December 2010.
2) BE a follower in Glossy Amor.


SET B : ANNA SUI Moisture Rich Powder Foundation SPF 12 PA++ 

Oh ya, they are having CHRISTMAS SALES too!! Discount up to 40% 

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Presents for YOU!

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DIVA'S DIVINE is giving away Christmas Presents to 5 lucky girls!!!!
Every week, there will be a lucky winner to grab specially handpicked imported DIVA'S DIVINE apparel absolutely FOC

It's time to spread some LOVE this Christmas

What you need to do is to:
1) Like Diva's Divine facebook page (refer to sidebar)

2) Suggest DIVA'S DIVINE facebook page to 10 people (you may send the screenshot

3) Simply comment at the picture in our facebook page and tell us "Why do you deserve to be given a Christmas present?" e.g I deserve it because I can totally rock it with a pair of studded jeggings and my Chanel/ I deserve it because I have been a very nice girl (Hint: Be creative)

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Diva's Divine

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Friday, November 26, 2010

RED Updates!

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As what have mentioned from previous blogpost, we are featuring items according to their COLOUR!!!

This time around we have RED!

Capturing floral dress from Moiselle Made, with red and yellow flowers print on the dress, V-shaped neckline with ribbon sew at the upper body! Isnt it just feminine?

Stealing from Colour Chaos, this fitting tank-top like pieces can actually be a mini dress for petite ladies! The interesting part is the back part of the dress with bows that make it unique!

Or you can choose to give it a go on sexy halter dress from Edens Maiden! Draped neckline with fitting cuts is a perfect dress for a chiilllllliiii hot you *whistle* (tube is included)

Grab this mini top red cardigan from Girls In Mode! When hot girls are in the vibrant mode! Match this cardigan with plan tube, it will be a perfect match!

From Beg Berry, Estee Lauder PVC Make up Bag with about Length 22.8cm x Height 13.8 x Width 5.5cm which allows you to have all your makeup babes protected from water if spilled!

Shop For Love Fashionista have this lovely heart-shaped cosmetic mirror and special edition of red lipsticks pen from Marc Jacobs! Mini size of 3 inches made of with 1 standard mirror and 1 magnify mirror when open up! Get it here rather then MJ headquarter!

Being red outside not enough? You can be red inside too! Featuring from DawnUnder, with red lovely themed of Christmas! You may think of getting one for your X'mas!*giggles*

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Colour Food Series - RED!

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Colour Your Health By Colouring Your Meals!

Do you know that various food colour have their own function in manipulating our heath? Came across an interesting article that featured the benefit of different colour of food and their nutrition content and how we can take in!

In conjuction with the "Colour" Season, will feature each colour and latest update of same colour series of updates from the online entrepreneurs! So Stay tune!!!

Be Fashionable and Be Healthy!

Add More Color to Your Diet
By Brian Underwood
red food

Think black is slimming? Try red, green, and yellow. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, a more colorful plate benefits your health and waistline. We'll show you what to eat in every color for your healthiest you.

The latest research shows that one of the best ways to lose weight and boost your health is to eat a host of colors. Trouble is, most of the people don't consume enough of a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, which means they face a nutrient deficit, according to a recent analysis of data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys and the USDA. Here's a kaleidoscope of inspiration to punch up your next meal.

Torch Calories
Move over, Wheaties. The new breakfast of champions is red chili peppers -- seriously. People whose morning meal included the spicy vegetable were less hungry after breakfast and ate less fat at lunch, a study in the British Journal of Nutrition found. "Capsaicin, the compound that gives peppers their bite, increases the production of appetite-suppressing hormones called catecholamines," says Sasson Moulavi, MD, a physician in Boca Raton, Florida, who specializes in weight control.

Fresh idea: Add diced red chili peppers to scrambled eggs or top a whole wheat English muffin with low-fat ricotta cheese and chopped chilies.

Whiten Your Teeth
Brush, floss...and snack on strawberries? Yup. It turns out that the fruit contains salicylic acid, a natural tooth whitener. "Strawberries are a potent plaque fighter, and they actually contain a mild bleaching agent that's used in many commercial products," says Janice Cox, coauthor of Eco Beauty.

Fresh idea: Puree a handful of fresh strawberries and add it to iced green tea.

Step Up Your Sweat Session
Go longer by tossing beets into your salad. Researchers discovered that this vegetable helped cyclists increase their endurance by up to 16 percent. "Beets seem to reduce the amount of oxygen the body uses during exercise," says exercise physiologist Stephen Bailey of Exeter University in England. "The result is muscles that can tolerate high-intensity exercise longer."

Fresh idea: Drizzle beets with red wine vinegar and olive oil, then roast. Or saute with onions and garlic.

Stay Tuned For Next Colour....
-Originally published in FITNESS magazine, July/August 2010-

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creative Banner Contest!

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Win yourself THIS!!!

The foxy fur tail bag worth RM98!! and more!!!

by creating a CREATIVE Banner!!!

Organized by Baby Dazzled, the competition is called the 'Creative Banner Competition'. 
How to enter this competition?
1) Banner artwork design have to be emailed to who will then post the banner on their Facebook page

2) Contestants with the most 'LIKES' for their design will win prizes

How to vote:
1) Firstly, search for 'Baby Be Dazzled' page on Facebook
2) 'LIKE' their page
3) Search for the banner photos under 'Creative Banner Competition' album
4)'LIKE' the picture.

Public votes : 60%
Judges evaluations : 40%

Last date for submission of photos 29th November 2010
Voting starts on the 30th November which is when all the photos will be up on FB
Contest ends on 8th December 2010

1st prize winner gets the privilege of choosing one of the prizes first (prizes are still the same, as shown below) followed by the 2nd and 3rd prize winner subsequently
The available prizes are the same which is the foxy fur tail, design 8 bracelet, thomas sabo bracelet and badges.

So now first prize winner can choose one of the prizes followed by the 2nd and 3rd. 
And also please state that the judging is mainly on the catchy slogan such as 'Baby Be Dazzled, dazzling my world' and not the picture. 
So send in any catchy slogans will do!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Win iPad for Yourself E-Seller!!!

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Dear Blogshop Owner and Fashion Entrepreneurs who had join as vendors in  Bazaar,

GREAT NEWS!!!  Bazaar Contest is launched JUST FOR YOU!!!
Join as a vendor at any of our bazaars (I  Bazaar @ Subang Parade & I  Bazaar @ TCM) to stand a chance to WIN AN APPLE IPAD! 
 How to Join?
1. Vendors who have participated with us with a minimum of 2 days at I  Bazaar @ Subang Parade (Oct 2010 onwards) and new joiners of I  Bazaar @ TCM will be eligible     
  to participate 
in this contest.
2.       Like our Facebook page –
3.       Email us 5 photos of your best products with the subject title The I  Bazaar “Win an iPad!” Contest with following details:
       Shop Name:
How do I win?
1.       Get your family and friends to LIKE our Facebook page
2.       Get as many friends and family to like your submitted products
3.       Gather a minimum of 2000 LIKES accumulated from the 5 photos submitted
4.       The winner will be chosen based on the highest number of LIKES accumulated from the 5 photos

Photo Criteria
1.       A single photo can only contain one product
2.       Product photos must be photographed by yourself 
Terms and Conditions
1.       Voting will end at 5pm on Dec 20th 2010.
2.       All uploaded photos will be the property of I  Bazaar
3.       The Organizers of I  Bazaar reserves the rights to amend or update the terms & conditions at any time without prior notice.
4.       Each participant agrees to be bounded by the Official Rules and that the decisions of the Organizers shall be final and supersedes all terms & conditions. No appeals shall be entertained.
Good luck to all participants and have fun!
By: The Organizers of I  Bazaar
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Participate in I ♥ Bazaar

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Dear Vendors!!
RylDesigns is looking for NEW, potential bazaar venues to further promote your brand and products!! Located at the heart of Petaling Jaya, surrounded by fully occupied housing estates, condominiums, offices and colleges, directly visible from most major highways (LDP, SPRINT, NKVE), RylDesigns would love to invite you to be a part of us in this event.
 Bazaar @ TCM
by RylDesigns
Venue:  Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall (TCM)            Sheltered Outdoor Area - Beside of Bad Ass Coffee & 7-Eleven
Date:    Every Saturday & Sunday - Dec 2010, Jan 2011, Feb 2011
Time:    12noon till 10pm
Rental:  RM90.00 per day
            RM10.00 Discount EACH day if you rent for a whole month
Equipment Provided: 2 chairs, a 3 X 3 ft. table and table cloth
                              Booth space allocated for each vendor is 6 X 8ft
 RM 5 off total rental will be given to vendors who place our banner at the header of their sites (Do note this is a one off rebate)
You may view and select your preferred booth location here -
Please log on to our website for more details about  Bazaar.
Please feel free to drop us a mail at for any other inquiries.
By: The Organizers of I  Bazaar

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

DeepaRaya 2010 Picks

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DeepaRaya 2010 Picks

For ladies out there who is celebrating DeepaRaya, here are some fashion suggestion to live up on your upcoming festive!!

With the GREEN as our theme, we proposed to you, choice that you can make for your relative visit or open house!
  1. Deep V dress that featured your body line! You can also add on tube if the cutting is too low, be it the universal white or something light :)
  2. Paired it with a skinny jeans if the dress too short for you! Not jeans? What about printed leggings?
  3. Open toe gladiator wedges, not only for function, is also comfy for your normal daily wears!
  4. Buttoned clutch comes in handy for functions and is never bulky
  5. Accessories that you wouldnt want to missed! Festive season, so have a pair of feathered-like earrings! Or have a pick on a chain-linked watch bracelet, save another hurdle to get a watch :)
  6. Accessorized your plain dress with a brooch.Suggested brooch is fabric linen flower brooch with crystalized design! Simple elegant.
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