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Monday, January 31, 2011

Massive Snap-Shot-Updates!

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There has been massive updates from blogshop owner specially for CNY! 

Have a snapshot on who have what and the mini updates at the right sidebar for more offers tooo!!

Unique big sleeve stop from Zutto

Floral tank top from Heart String Love

Hot selling Jersey tank by Clothes For Fun

Denim pleated inside out at  Intricatefrocks

Lacey sleeve long Tee at Dollzy-dollz

Get hooked with knitted strap top at Hooked

Tons of knitted cardigan at Onehotminutebybadidu

Vintage polka dots dress from Emceecouture

Top shop inspired dress at Mydressing Closet

V-Cut maxi with nature inspired at Wonder Lurve Wardrobe

For your kiddo, niece or nephew in Your Little Star Stuff

Bold floral at A Chic Store

Various earrings by Aurora

Love fashion, love your valentine and lovely accessories at Die Heart Fashion

Unique necklace with love spot from Velvet-Dream

Messenger sling back from Arrogant Minnie

Boxy bag at Vanity-Ville

Artificial cow leather studded pump heels from Moonstruck-Closet

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Friday, January 28, 2011


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Oxford shoes from Lovely Closet, this is a pair of creamy suede peep toe oxford heels that is in trend these day which you shouldnt miss! (Height approx. 9 cm)

Not heels? What about flats? Spotted from Fashion Digest, this is a oxy point toe flats with signature brown and black for you to choose. It could be an incredible pair when you wear on it!

Another flats is from Mezzanine Time, with lovely ballerina gems flat! Gems was once a bling bling trend, but fret not, is still in trend until today! Grab a piece before it is too late :)

From Alireys, you can also think about getting a piece of classic ballerina flats! Quilted design and not to mentioned about their contra black and white colour!

Ever think of customizing your own pair of shoes? From canvas, to wedges and even for children, Shoericulous will definitely meet your expectation! Personalized your unique pair there!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Art n Life Market

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If you are not busying doing preparation for Chinese New Year celebration....

Do come by at Art n Life Market!

Life is a piece of Art! How can you miss such themed bazaar??

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spotted From Taiwan: Multi-layer Necklace!

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CNY is around the corner!!! Not to forget Valentine!
 Planning to fill your drawer with new accessories??

All the way from Taiwan, here we are, limited stock for multi-layered necklace, spotted and brought back for you to Malaysia!!

This type of necklace has been range average from RM25-RM30 at the market place, and the price for the floral brooch is average about RM10.

As for FiY readers, we are offering at RM23 including postage for a necklace that cost approx RM35!!

*Click to enlarge*
Status: 2 sold 1 available
Status: 3 sold
Status:3 sold

Status: 2 sold 1 available
Status: 3 available 

 Example of brooch that come together with the necklace.

Limited quantity (3 per design :))

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Casual Outings Wear!

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Casual Neutral Day
Not too fancy, not to flattering, this is just another combination that you may wanna check it out for a casual day off! Getting neutral in terms of pick of pieces and colour dont really tone you down, is the matter of the choice of combination that you go with can also be fashionable and stood up!

Personalized tank top is piece that shows who you are! Get your unique print and show the crowd what you got! Wanna add more colour but not to exaggerate, tune your tank top.

Frilly vest can match it up with the tank top and added the feminine touch at it!Alternative pick is cotton long sleeve cardigan!

Low waist skinny jeans never fails to shape up figure and it will definitely tune down the size!

Anklet boot is another trendy piece! Get something special like the inside out faux fur boots and the easy going colour of chocolate brown!

Ever think of leather satchel besides our usual tote for handbags? Not too boyish yet you can treat it as shoulder bag, sling bag and having all your necessary in it!

Accessorize with bangles and bracelets that come in multiple strands! Black and white is the universal pieces and it depends on you to match it!

If bored with long bold necklace, why not pair it up with scarf? Featuring metallic frills scarf that fashionize your wear!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Get Accessorize!

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Cute lil present spot from Velvet Dream, crystal clear mini present earrings!! Miniature present a gift for your dearest girlfriend!

Being a temperament lady, this earrings spot from GIM Garden could be your choice! Clay made floral and pearl white seedbeads match with the creamy glass bead could be a great match!

A13778-1 (1).jpg
Some ethic sense of fashion, from Dep Accessories, this time around come updated with owl necklace. With jewel as deco and the white owl features just stood up!

Think of going pure classic, dont miss the chance to get this Audrey Cameo ring, specially from Aurora! The jewel glass and the 50's theme photo is so the olden days with the fashionable way!

From Tinkerbell Jo, here is a piece of bracelet for the sweetie pie who wish to have something simple. Pink is as sweet as always add the floral nature pendents just add on the sweetness

Accessorize your fluffy hair too with the bow clips from Pretty Bow. Not only on clips, they also selling wide range of hair bands from the 60's to the latest head wears~

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Outer Apparels~

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This post theme on product updates is on the outer piece of your apparels! From jacket, blazer and cardi, they can be fun, feminine, stylish and need not to be always dull! You may wanna check it out for your closets!! 

The princess ruffled sleeves is the lovely part of this jacket and the flip at the front also fine tune the image of this piece! Spot from An Old Flame, they named this "Soft structure shoulders waterfall jacket"! Sounds cool~

BoyFriend Blazer is a never-out-of-trend kind of fashion! Grab a piece from Clothesology, they have various colour for you to choose with. Like this white because is really hard to get a white blazer and the gold military button at the bottom enhance its features!

Soften by the drape design, the not too boyish style, you can take a look on this drapped cotton cardi with full length sleeves from the.October! Play with the cardi by tying a bow around your waist give you a different look for the day!

Looking for something fun and chicky with blazer? Take a look this from Cherrylicious! This is a waist length blazer with short sleeve and hard shoulder design. The chicky part of this piece is the floral laces back which is semi-translucent!

If you want to grab a sweet lil piece of cardigan, do consider this one from Sista Closette! Half length cardigan with three-quarter long sleeves with lots of loves prints! Not exaggerate with lots of colours makes it a moderate piece to wear on!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Grassy Green Updates!

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Start your busy 2011 with a bizzy-bee!! With hard cover and line spacing notebook, comes from the handmade designer Notbook-Notbuk. Featuring the green one, is like the busybee working around the nature!

Get a whole Seaweed Splash from handmade jewelry site Playful n Snazzy. Massive chucks of emphasis on glass green tear drop bead and lobster clamp type bracelet always fit anyone without complex adjusting!

Garden like long necklace, name Daffodils spoted from Crafted By Mei, is a sweet lovely piece. Made with faux pearl, matte pearl bead and the light colour of this necklace make it easy to go with various colour!

Spot from Vavavoom Fashion, this sweet lil piece because of the bubble sleeve and the pink bow belt that comes along! Flare skirts with floral design allows you to have the touch of nature! Paired it up with a sandals and a straw hat!

Or picked an simple Basic army green mini dress from Bubuchak, made from Lycra cotton. Plaited halter with a V cut neckline and a few pleated sew at the center that trim your shape.

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