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Monday, March 28, 2011

Mens & Tee & Plus Size Review from Directory!

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Buatan MY Tee @ Simply Blatant

Happy Tree Friends (Customize) @ Kaken Design

Lawyer Tee Shirt @ Its Fashion For Ladies

Knit - Sweater @ Wearever U Like


Lil Black Dress @ Trendy Confessions

The Eva Dress @ Pera Plus Fashion

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

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Going through Earth Hour Official Video for 2011!
As long as we unite, we can save the world :)

So lets switch off the light and enjoy a heart to heart talk with your family or gathering with friends, a time where you can really lay back and relax :P

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway by My Handbag Hook

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From My Handag Hook Giveaway Post!
"If you have bought our handbag hook. This is for you..

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Take a picture of you using your handbaghook that you bought from us
Post it on your blog..Write why you love your handbag hook(s)...
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Keep it as sticky post until 15th April..

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If you have not yet buy any of our hook. Here is how you can get yours..FOC!

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Pick 3 of your favourite hooks from our collections. Must be from 3 different collections.

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Be sure to link the post back to us ya!
Leave your link at the comment area of this post. We will come and visit you!
We will leave a note saying that we have drop by... no worries.

Terms and condition:
1. Open to EVERYONE! just pick your category.
2. We will pick a winner with the most creative picture and write up for both category 1 and 2.
3. Desicions are final.
4. Closing date is 10th April 2011.
5. 2 winners will be anounced to win the giveaway for Category 1.
6. 3 winners will be anounced to win the giveaway for Category 2.
7. Gift are not exchangable.

8. Make sure you check this space on 20th April to see if u win!

Here is what you are going to win!
Category 1 pressiesss
1st Prize

1 suprise handbag hook that has not yet been launch.
1 pouch
1 business card holder [your pick]
1 compact mirror [your pick]
Free postage
Total value: RM 85++

2nd Prize
1 handbag hook price of RM30
1 pouch
1 business card holder [your pick]
Free postage
Total value: RM 60

Category 2 pressies
3 sets of
1 random handbag hook [we will pick from your list]
1 pouch
Free postage"

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Featured Blogshop: My Vanity Closet

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Dainty lil jewelry and accessories is always a fatal attraction to the ladies! Even a simple plain outfit, we still need to match it up with a simple jewelry, necklace perhaps? But too many options but has too little to pay? Then you should never want to miss this shop!

Like mentioned, the girls just couldn’t resist the whole variety of available accessories. All of it we wish to able to grab one of it! Fret not My Vanity Closet is one of the e-shop that could offer you range of jewelries! My Vanity Closet just started nearly a month but their best selling items is going real fast! With the strong desire to allow all ladies out there to be able to get hold of eye-catching accessories with a fair pricing, she insist her product range to remain at the lowest possible! 

Offerings from My Vanity Shop from earrings, necklaces, headwear, bracelets and rings were handpicked by the owner and her BFFon the unique and outstanding designs and striking colour! Yet still selling at affordable price range of RM15-RM18! Some special designs that is hard to get like the owls, leopard, zebra etc full with funky and chunky accessories that assemble to the Asia latest trend! If you spot on any of it, take a shot! Even if it is out of stock, but it is restockable and she will deliver it to your doorstep in Malaysia :) Be her customer before 15th April to get free delivery too!

Featuring some of the best selling items that you could get from My Vanity Closet!

Long owl necklace that which designed according to the owl feather, layer by layer, stimulate different visual effect. If you like something which is catchier, do consider the 3 owls necklace that studded with rhinestones. Itis lovely and sweet is like the friends forever kinda symbol ^^ slightly low profile, you could opt for the owl’s ring. As it is wider as compare with thin and dainty design, it does elongate your hand figures and is really something unique!

Other necklace like the nature leave carving heart-shape necklace is something simpler yet detailed in terms of design. Or you would want something sporty and wild, the gold leopard necklace could be your choice! By looking at it, it has the Puma touch XD

Something more glamorous for your party and function, you can opt for this multi plaited golden bracelet. Is pretty catchy and elegant, and is an alternate of pearls and silver chain. Same goes to the ring, bold and sophisticated design can be another option that rhinestones which you often come across.

The teardrop earrings may seem simple but it consists of the combination of black and gold. It does attract attention as it sort of shinning in the dark. Another piece of earrings is scale towards the ethnic sense with the multicolor peacock design. It does match with certain selection of colour especially in green or you are choosing for the pleated tube dress that was once a hit!

As for the hair accessories, there is a beaded hairband found in the site that suits most ladies, especially when you highlight or dyed your hair, it shift the focus, giving different impression.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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Do you know that this coming Saturday (26th March 2011) is 60 minutes Earth Hour??
Shared by one of FiY's bbf, there is a Flash Mob going on that night at Sunway Pyramid!

Highlight of the event!

From 10:00am to 10:00pm, learn more about WWF-Malaysia's work, pledge to “Live Green” as well as grab your Earth Hour T-shirt (all sales proceeds will go towards WWF-Malaysia's conservation work)

Join the “Dance in the Dark” during Earth Hour (8:30pm to 9:30pm); let's make this a huge, fun dance event for a green cause that Malaysians will always remember!
What is Flash Mob?? Is an event when everyone dance the choreographed dance together! Usually is open to public and the choreographed dance move is uploaded and learn through You Tube!

This year the dance theme is Dance in The Dark!
If you interested, do learn it up and join the MOVE~~
If not, show your support to them too! :)

More info about Earth Hour at SP, click here
Pledge Your Live Green Pledges click here

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