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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Are You Aware about D.....


Depression is NOT a sign of weakness.

It is a sign that you have been trying to be strong for too long.

Do you know that 1 out of 5 of us will suffer at some point in our lives? But dont be ashame of it, as mentioned is about trying too hard for too long! Step back and take things easy, because you have done what you can do.

If you know someone is having depression, or symptoms of depression, please share the above quote to them. Let them know that they are not weak or alone. People around them do care about them!

Love and care from people

Is Depression Awareness Week (11th May to 17th May 2011)!
Do support and spread around :)

If you need any help in terms of counselling, feel free to scroll down to check the available centers or individual that would be able to help out.

Below list was adapted from Counseling Psychology in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur/Selangor District
Agencies and Center

  • Agape Counseling Center Malaysia
  • All Women’s Action Society of Malaysia
  • Calvary Life Ministries
  • Center for Psychological and Counseling Services
  • The Befrienders
  • Center for Psychological and Counseling Services
  • Counseling Unit, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development
  • Effective Living
  • Estuary Consultancy (Cheang Meng Wai)
  • Integrated Psychology Network Sdn Bhd
  • JM Counselling & Therapy Unit
  • Kinterlink Sdn. Bhd., International Marriage & Family Center
  • Dr. Meriam Omar Din, Access Counseling Services
  • Shelter home for children
  • Turning Point Integrated Wellness Sdn Bhd
  • Play & Expressive Arts Center
  • P.S. The Children
Mental Health Professionals by name
  • Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Johnben Loy, Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Charis Wong Yen Wai, Counseling Psychologist/Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Dr Teoh Hsien-Jin, Clinical Psychologist, Head of Psychology Department. Department of Psychology, Sunway University College
  • Dr Ng Wai Sheng, Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist, HELP University College
  • Dr Brendan Gomez, Counseling and Developmental Psychologist, Assistant Professor of Applied Social Psychology
  • Dr Rachel Sing-Kat Ting
  • Selina Ding Wai Eng
  • Institut Pediatrik Hospital Kuala Lumpur,
  • Lee Kuan Shin
  • Woo Pei Jun, Developmental Psychologist
  • Ms. Leong Huey Mei
  • Ms Shantini Vanniasingham, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Gleneagles Medical Center
  • Bureau On Learning Difficulties (BOLD) for special needs children
  • Psychiatric Clinic Hospital Pulau Pinang
  • Women’s Center for Change, Penang
  • Ms Tan Chwee Yeng, Clinical Psychologist
  • Ms Tan Chwee Yeng, Clinical Psychologist
  • Ms Saralla Chettiar, Clinical Psycholgist
  • Dr Lynne Yong, Clinical Psychologist, Penang Adventist Hospital
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