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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Be a Travelling Chic

Always wondering what is needed to bring to vacation so that you always look fabulous? But so frustrated that the luggage has limited space?

Fret not!! Here are some fashion travelling tips for you to always be a travelling chic :)
Photo credited to Women Around Town
Holiday is around the corner! Be it the Raya break + National Day or the mid school break where most of the family will be planning for family trip! Being a ladies, we always want to have our best look forward and being fashionable even we are on vacation! Ever being bug by what need to bring or leaving essential items behind when you reach the travel destination? Here are some fashion tips during travelling that you may want to consider ~ Be holidable-fashionable-lady  on your trip!

1. Assess your trip. Are you going to the beach or lake for a family vacation? Hiking to the top or swimming at the beach? sightseeing tour? Let your destination and planned activities guide your packing.
2. Take one topper. Jackets and sweaters can be bulky suitcase-space stealers. Choose one piece -- a jean jacket or a cardigan in a neutral color are perfect for warmer months -- that will work with everything you plan to wear on your trip.
3. Choose mix and match bottoms. You can get away with wearing shorts, pants, or skirts multiple times on a trip. For a weeklong beach vacation, three pairs of shorts, one skirt, and one pair of pants should be enough.
4. Overpack underwear and socks. You'll inevitably use more than you think you will! A good rule of thumb is to bring two extras of each.
5. Bring one dress. A simple style such as a shift in an easy shade (black always works) can be worn during the day with sandals and at night with heels. It's particularly good to have if your plans suddenly include a dressy event
6. Think like locals. If everyone at the beach is wearing flip-flops and athletic slides, for example, strappy heels will look out of place -- and stop you from feeling comfortable and enjoying your trip.
7. Keep fabric in mind. 100 percent cottons and linens wrinkle easily and require lots of ironing. Choose to bring clothing in fabrics blended with wrinkle-resistors like nylon or spandex, or pack pieces in knit and jersey.
8. Stick to neutrals. Clothing in black, white, and khaki, with a splash or red or denim thrown in, makes stylish dressing easy because it all matches, all the time.
9. Scale back on shoes. Most women bring many more pairs than they need! For casual vacations, one pair of sandals and one pair of sneakers is sufficient. Add a pair of dressy mules if you anticipate more formal evenings out.
10. Don't forget one versatile purse. A small canvas tote can go from the beach to the boardwalk to casual dinners, and look appropriate in all places.

Content adapted from "How to Look Stylish on Vacation" from LHJ, modified and shared by:

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