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Monday, October 17, 2011

Featured Blogshop: ReveDreamz

Never left just because of without the desirable size!
Loving the design but not much choice of available size?
Not much option to select because that is the only available range of apparels that suite your need?
Fred not, because ReveDreamz is here to realize your dream.


Knowing all the hassles and troubles need to go through by the petite and the plus size females, ReveDreamz is here to ease your trouble by providing a one-stop fashion boutique for the ladies out there. It is understandable that how heartbreaking is that to limit the choice available for these ladies just because there is only 3 sizes in the market that suite the general market. Understanding the frustration, ReveDreamz has put in their consent in widening the alternative that these ladies have so that ladies with petite and with plus size still able to stay confidently regardless where they are and shine the day! Ranging from XS to XXL.

Dress moderately or transform to be stylish, is your call! Being able to shop with wholeheartedly without worry about anything is definitely a dream comes true.

ReveDreamz concept is all about providing shoppers with easy-matching apparels to go along with every day. Stop ransacking your closet just to get the-only-piece that match with a certain top and worrying about clearing the mess later with the clock is ticking! Ranging from casual day to working day and later for your party time, Reve Dreamz offers different style collections for you to select with. Tops, bottoms, dress and even accessories also offered by ReveDreamz enabled you to shop fruitfully and effortlessly.
Never easily get wrong with all-time-favorite selections from ReveDreamz in your closet!

 With every pieces handpicked by ReveDreamz, shows you how determined they are to ensure quality material apparels are being provided for their customers at an affordable price ranging from RM18 to RM70 that is manufactured in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Displaying all their products with non-professional models and photographers, you can have a more realistic visual effect that they will get when that piece is on you.  With all ready stock apparels, your desired apparels will be at your doorstep with a few clicks away!

‘What You See Is What You Get’ – Reve Dreamz’s philosophy.

Featuring some of the bestselling items that you could get from ReveDreamz:

Selection of tops and blouses that suite your daily needs. You can opt for various design, from the printed 3 quarter top for a chic looks or the following olive and pink ruffled neckline blouse for a country outlook. The vertical detailed ruffled design on the blouse is not overly done and it has elongating effect. Not only for casual day out, the silver tank top is for your fun day event! Be it partying or hanging out with your friends during the night! Is never hard to go with for silver *wink wink*

As for bottom, highwaist design is the current trend, but this fad may not be for long, so you can opt for the similar design that have the highwaist feeling yet not really one of it. This is because of the tailored button is at the front of the skirt and there a wide distant allowance given for you to put on your belt.

Black and white always as the slimming effect regardless of the design. But what is interesting for this dress is  although it is vertical in design, the fine line the upper body design (with the effect of the belt) didnt stretches the effect. 

Polka dots maynot be the current trend, but it is an all time fav piece! Looking at once how "hot" is that but celebrity never fails to reviving it! Check on the Polkadot Lookbook here!

Bored with blazer, cardi, slack and the-all-time-office-wear? This piece could be an alternative for you to choose for to work! Love it for its asymmetry frills on the left and pleated for the bottom that lengthen your height! Also love it with for this knee length dress with the ribbon instead of bulky belts or clincher.

This is one of the vintage English like dress with rubberize stitches along the waist and the off-shoulder design made this piece a classic wear which is not revealing. The chiffon-like lace design on the outer dress is also the celeb fav. Just like RedCarpet Tred that you can see from here.

This is also one of our fav piece. Though it was a dress on first sight, on a second look, it is a jumpsuit! The tumbs up for this piece is the lower part of the body is elongate by the high-waist effect and ladies with bust issue will not need to worried too much. Especially today, over-size apparels is one of the must have item and the widen bottom will not expose your short-side.

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