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Friday, December 30, 2011

Don't Mess With Your Hair! Part 1

Ever wonder what happens to your hair?
Why is it so dry? Rough? Split end etc?
Do you have such hair styling habits that is ruining your hair without your notice?? Sharing with you an article by Erica Metzgernbsp on hair styling tips! 

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 What are you waiting for? 
Reform your bad hair-styling habits, be cautious and fret not, the gorgeous hair will be yours!
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Skipping Regular Haircuts 

Maintain your 'do to make your life easier. "Haircuts have a shelf life of four to eight weeks before they start to lose shape and become harder to style," says Lisa Abbey, creative director of Salon Blue, in Mineola, New York.

Working with Too Much Hair at Once
Spend an afternoon at a salon and you'll notice that the pros always use hair clips to divide and conquer a big styling job. The reason? It lets you concentrate the heat of your dryer or flatiron on one small section at a time. At home, split your hair into three horizontal layers. Pin the top and middle sections back with clips and work your way from the bottom up. Complete each section before moving on to the next, but if you're in a hurry, spend more time styling the front and cheat a little in the back.

Forgetting Your Roots
If you pay more attention to your roots when you apply product and dry your hair, you'll have more control over volume. Want more body? Then pull your hair up and out when drying, says Abbey. Want less? Pull your hair straight down to smooth and flatten the root. Treating your roots also saves your ends -- the oldest and driest part of your hair -- from excess heat damage.

model using curling iron
Frying Your Strands
Use the low or medium heat settings on your styling tools. "Only extremely coarse or curly hair can handle the highest temperatures," says Marc Mena, senior stylist at Warren-Tricomi Salon, in New York City. Other ways to protect your hair: Mist with a thermal styling spray, use a nozzle or diffuser attachment to disperse air flow, and don't concentrate the heat in one spot for too long.

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Using the Wrong Size Brush
Many women use a round brush that's too small, says Umberto Savone, a celebrity stylist based in Beverly Hills, California. A small brush with a 1-inch-diameter barrel works best for chin-length hair, shorter layers, or if you want to add extra bounce to very fine hair. Medium to large brushes -- 2- to 3-inch barrels -- are better for longer hair and help you create loose, natural waves or straight, smooth styles.

Article adopted from LHJ.
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