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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't Mess With Your Hair! Part 2

*Continue from previous article by Erica Metzger on bad hair styling habits to be avoid in order to have gorgeous hair!

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How to Get Younger Healthier Hair,  woman coming wet brunette hair
Applying Product to Dry Hair
"Your hair is the most responsive to styling when it's freshly washed or rinsed," says New York City stylist Damian Monzillo. It's also easier to distribute product evenly throughout wet hair. (The exceptions to this rule are heat-protecting sprays, which you should apply to dry hair before you use hot tools, and finishing products like hair spray and pomades.)

Brunette model looking to the side
Overdosing on Gel or Mousse
Practice portion control so your hair doesn't end up looking flat, greasy, or shellacked. "If you have shoulder-length hair you only need a nickel-size amount of styling cream or gel, a dime-size amount of serum, or a shot glass of mousse," says Becker Chicaiza, a salon owner in Greenwich, Connecticut.

woman with wavy brown hair
Using the Wrong Products
Make sure to match your styling product to your hair texture. Root-boosting spray plumps up fine, thin hair without dragging it down; if you have medium-thick hair, you need a heavier spray gel or mousse to firm and lift the roots. When it comes to smoothing, a light serum is plenty for taming fine, frizzy hair. Thicker, coarser hair needs extra hydration and shine, so use a combination of serum and cream, says Abbey. Got curls? Curl-enhancing sprays work well for delicate tendrils while richer creams help control denser, kinkier spirals.

model with curlers in hair
Not Allowing Hair to Set
Want your style to last? Then take the time to let your hair cool after applying heat from a dryer or iron. "You ruin your work when you brush through a warm curl or release the round-brush when your hair is still hot," says Kevin Mancuso, Nexxus creative director. Bonus tip: Velcro rollers add extra body and smoothness to your style but you need to leave them in for at least 10 minutes.

How to Get Younger Healthier Hair, brunette ponytail
Horsing Around with Your Ponytail
Bad ponytail habits -- such as using rubber bands or elastics with metal clasps, pulling back wet hair and tying your tail too tight -- lead to broken strands. Keep your hair healthy by drying it first and prepping it with a little styling cream, says Chicaiza. And stick to snag-free elastics

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