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Friday, December 9, 2011

Featured Blogshop: Cherish Memories

Ever thinking of getting a unique piece of item for someone special, especially the females?
Greatest Mom? Caring Aunt? Sweet Girlfriend? Besty Girl’s Friend?

Now you can get one of these one and only piece from a group of handmade designer from Cherish Memories at a reasonable amount!

Cherish Memories

Cherish Memories is teamed up by a few individuals who are being inspired by various events and they would wish to share such treasure moments through their artwork by handmaking every single piece of accessories and jewelry! They believed everyone has someone in mind that has gone through a wonderful journey with them and it is important to immortalize these moments by handcrafting those pieces. Cherish Memories thus came from “cherish your amazing experience and unforgettable memories” concept.

 Ranging from earrings to bracelets, necklaces, pendants and other accessories where every piece has its own meaning behind. By using imported seed beads, pressed glass bead, fresh water pearl from Japan, China, Czech Republic also genuine Swarovski, there is a wide range of handwork piece is available for you to choose from for various people that you would like to gift.

Browsing from their website, Cherish Memories team has categorized their item by product category, by price, by status and also by colour for your easy navigation. Especially this time around, they have revised their price due to their personal reason, which has been stated at their site, it is a good news for all shoppers to grab a piece for their loved one as a Christmas’ gift or even for upcoming 2012 new year or for Chinese New Year that is around the corner! Customization is available without additional charge! With current promotion, everything starts from RM3.50 and nothing is over RM3o!

FiY is honored to be able to collaborate with them to launch their promotion. The current promotion includes all items comes with a mini zip lock bag that can prevent your accessory from rusting! And now, you are might be eligible for instant rebate on after discounted price, free shipping, gift box and more!

Also, Cherish Memories also launched a Supporter’s Privilege Program that allows shopper to gain more benefit! To get the code, you would need to like FiY page here and check on the photo at our site *wink wink*

Featuring some of these gorgeous pieces that you might like it too!

The Glam is made of Swarovski crystal (tear drop and bicone) and imported Japan seed bead. This is an elegant piece that suitable for all functions! Being wedding, Christmas dinner, year end dinner, prom night etc!

Fresh water pearl is another options for a more classical appearance. According to them, there is lots of meaning behind the pearls, in terms of number of pearl and the arrangement. If you have notice properly, it is made of different hues of pearls! Attached also with a Swarovski bead!

There is only one piece of this earring that made it so special. This is a long earring made with Czech Republic pressed glass bead inspired from sea shell.

Bored with normal symmetry earring? Maybe a pair of asymmetry but cute Couples earring made from Stainless Steel with Rhinestones for a change of fashion. 

Not sure what to present on a friend 21 birthday? A toggle bracelet with lots of key and a lock not only as a symbol of freedom but also key of friendship! There is lots of key design too *wink wink*

Red ruby, a secret grow passion... Not too reddish but yet is a flaming colour of bracelet that will capture people's attention.

Bright yellow piece similar with a girls' closet, filled with fun, young and enthusiastic spirit that charm your day *wink wink* 

Early winter is inspired from the blue colour tone. Made with fresh water pearl, Swarvoksi crystal, Chinese crystal also Czech Republic pressed glass bead. This is a toggle bracelet :)
Going for something simple, there is a pendent of Swarvoksi heart shape pendent. Simple yet edgy. White and pink available. Genuine crystal at a lower price!

These cute lil pendent also can transform into accessories! Featuring Sweetie with sweet pink and various beads and chip crystal!
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