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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bag Essentials - Female MUST Have! (1)

Keep your closet neat and simple!

Have these 6 types of bags in your closet?

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Pic credit to Gday India

Most of us, have tons of bag collections, yet still cant find the bag to go out with! We might have different colour, brand and design for different occasions, but there is these 6 types of bags that you need to have to compliment your wardrobe! These type of bags are always easy going especially for mix and match! Be sure you have your own fav colour so you will never be out of fad! 

Pic credit to Purse Page

Classic Handbag

Typical sturdy, ubiquitous style for female to used for both formal and informal event. The classic handbag should not be too big in size but must be sufficient for you to put all your daily makeups and other essentials to save you the hassle to flip in and out just to get your stuff.

For office purpose, hard shape (eg edgy side, square shape) handbag give you a solid impression. As for your other daily usage, do consider softer skin handbag (eg with soft rounded end) with different type of shapes, from bucket to triangle. Nevertheless, make sure it is not too soft that you have hard time allocate your keys and purse. Alternative to solve this issue is to get another mini bag organizer to keep your belongings!

Pic credit to Designer Online


Wristlets are a mini pouch serves as a dual function purse for most ladies! It has been  a trend, thanks to Coach, who brought this type of bag/purse in the bag's world. Most of us could utilize this wristlet as purse, to keep our money as well as small items like keys. So we just need to grab it and ready to go (especially in a hurry). Otherwise, the attached strap on wristlet is used by many of the ladies out there to attached it with a larger bag, or to serve as the bag organizer (as mentioned above). 

Of lately, there are more wristlets in the market that come in different print, patterns and design! There are such overwhelming choices available for you to grab and its miniature in size, has been lots of ladies favourite pouch to go with!

A friendly reminder: even though is pretty to have a colourful wristlet dangling at the side of your bag, but please be alert. It is advise not to do so as it might attract attention of the culprit to snatch your bag >.<

Pic credit to Umerai


Another type of bags that suite event-formal function. Clutch exist very long ago as it can seen every where in classical movies. Clutch today is more of for classy and sassy look, as it has embellishment and bejeweled. It might not be as convenient as other type of bags because clutch is usually strapless and is too small and limited spaces for you to put your daily needs. Although recent design clutch do provide a mini strap, the short strap might not be suitable. Because clutch is usually design in harder shape for us to grab throughout the night and taking your clutch by using the strap might off-balance and your clutch will keep slanting a side.

It is definitely worth investing in at least one clutch for a occasions like dinners, fine dining, cocktail parties and more. 

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