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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bag Essentials - Female MUST Have! (2)

Keep your closet neat and simple!

Have these 6 types of bags in your closet?

You Own The World!

Pic credit to MyFashionHandbag

Most of us, have tons of bag collections, yet still cant find the bag to go out with! We might have different colour, brand and design for different occasions, but there is these 6 types of bags that you need to have to compliment your wardrobe! These type of bags are always easy going especially for mix and match! Be sure you have your own fav colour so you will never be out of fad! 

Continuing from previous post, we will be recommending the remaining 3 type of bags you should not miss!

Pic credit to Roh Design

Tote Bag

Totes has been a wide-spread popularity ever since the emergence of various self-design picture. Tote bag today made from wide range of material from synthetic, leather, canvas and more. Tote bag is easy to carry for your daily usage!

Pic credit to Custom Bag Maker
Besides tote bags, bag pack is another alternative! Eliminate those thoughts of backpack = school bag/hiking bag! Backpack now has more variety than it used to be, thanks to the innovative bag designer! By changing and merging thoughts of other bag, backpack has it own style.

Adding fringe accessories, adjustable strap, triangle design, backpack can be petite and convenient to carry, especially if you are going for a long trip and your shoulder is sharing the equal weight rather than rotationally torturing each side of your shoulder if you are using a shoulder bag.

Pic credit to Shop United Citizens

Over-the-Shoulder Bag/ Sling bag

Sling bag or messenger bag or over the shoulder bag is also useful for your frequent wear! Similar to backpack, these bags are ideal for you when you need to carry more items or when you need your hands for other purpose. Which includes, holding hands *giggles*, or for mom,  to hold your kids, to push trolleys etc. Sling bag also has additional "security" in the sense that your bag is placing at the front or side front. This type of bag is also convenient in an event where you dont need too many items with you!

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