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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Black is ALWAYS THE "Black"

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Check out the whole series of Black themed items! 
From seductive, to chic, comfy, Tee, funky and the list goes on!
Gabrielle - Tuesday Couture

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Comfy Sunday

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Spotted an outfit that really suite the Sunday day out *winks*
California dreamin’ while spring is running late in the midwest.
 Maddy via mint

On a lazy Sunday, quick grab on a comfy stripe cotton top and the on-the-go cuffed denim. Pack all the necessity in a beige backpack, slip on a T strap flats and not to forget the sunnie before heading out under the hot sun :)

Happy Sunday Y'all~

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clearance of Costume Jewellery

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Have a yen to add a piece of costume jewelry to your accessories wardrobe? Or, maybe you have a Jewellery lover in our life who'd relish a vintage gift to add to their collection. 

The owner of the Costume Jewellery will want to clear off old stocks for the company every year and buy in new stocks. They are looking for people who is willing to take up the stocks that only selling at low price. The price is negotiable. 

Whoever is interested, feel free to contact me Hazel Lau at 016-6940687

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April's Inspiration - Bohemian

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A Bohemian Update from H&M?

We got an alternative for you as well!

While looking at H&M theme of Bohemian, we thought of sharing with you the feminine version of soft Boho style *winks*

Featuring a Calypso-inspired of lightweight tunic, a piece that suitable all season! With slight trim and light  ruffles along the neckline, giving it rustic touch. Wear it off-shoulder if you feel like doing so! Paired it up with a wash vintage denim shorts, be it top or low waist, as long as it gives you the "vibe". Knee length leather boots can be a complement for the look, chic yet luxe.

For accessories, match it up with a soft boho cotton bag! It definitely a durable piece with the gorgeous look of beads, tassels and frills at the bottom. Grab a vintage-look ones (like a wooden beads and threads closure) rather than a modern piece (metal closure). Grab a crochet head band if you dont have one. The embroided headband decorate with brass chain and tassels can be an eye-catcher  even on the beach! 

Lastly, additional accessories like necklace, earrings and even bangle. Featured a gold feather pendent necklace, an elegant details that match your outfit in most of the style. Feather earrings can be exaggerating as long as you know the limit. Turquoise or peach drop feather earrings is a perfect match for the authentic touch. We did not feature bangles, but if you are keen with it, get the bold earthy series bangle! From chain to wooden beads :)

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

April's Inspiration

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April... A month of inspiration :) 
We have more designers listed in the directories!
Candy Bracelets - Dazzling Pop Creations

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Braided Top Knot - The Know How

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Loving to have the style (like Vanessa Hugens) but dont know how? 
Check out the detailed steps below!
Pic Cr

Want More Tips? Check out the written description!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's okay to hate Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is that time of the year when you make your feelings known to the whole world. It in fact, one such occasion where you don't hide away any feelings of love and compassion for your beloved and come out in the open. You will find endless number of Valentine's Day Parties, picnics, romantic dinners etc. 

How about Black Valentine's Day?

People who are not in favour of this celebration, have their own type of festivity planned for the day known as the Anti Valentine Day or the Black Valentine Day. It is a complete Valentine's Day Boycott. You will find loads of people standing up against the Valentine's Day Celebration. Some of these people are just plain jealous of the couples and their dismal single status while some are just planning against the gross commercialization of a simple day. And then there are other people who are just plain stubborn and would stand up against anything.

The fact remains that Valentines Day Boycott has been there in the world since many years now but it is only recently that it has gained momentum. It can also be attributed to the rising technology and awareness amongst people which have given everyone a free outlet for expressing their thoughts and opinions. Instead of against and hate valentine's day, why not think of a way to reduce your dislike feelings. 

You can plan out a whole Black Valentine Day evening with many activities accommodated in it 
  • Plan out a whole Black Valentines Day Party with all those people who are against celebrating Valentine's Day
  • Share bad date stories in the group
  • Organize bon fires wherein you burn photos, gifts and old Valentine's Day Cards etc
  • Paste the picture of ex on a dart board and have a contest!
  • Make a special Black Valentine's Day by sending black roses and black cards it to your ex-partner.
  • Listen to screechy songs and watch movies like (My bloody Valentine) without love showing your way of Valentines Day Boycott!
I found a very interesting video. Have a look and ITS OKAY TO HATE VALENTINE'S DAY 



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