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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If You Are Using Computer and Phones...Protect Yourself!

Assignments, online shopping, streaming, e-selling etc etc etc...
We are surviving in an e-world. Is about computer, internet, WiFi, broadband, internet banking and lots more! All of these cant be done without us sitting in front of our computer or with any handheld device (smart phone, tablet, apple-product and more and more)! We are not ignorant, we do know that we are being exposed to electromagnetic wave while we are doing these!
Protecting ourselves entirely from the radiation is impossible but what we do is to avoid or to boost up our immune system. Why is it important to do so? Because if you are sensitive, you might just suffering from headaches, insomnia, dry eyes, sensitive senses and researchers also figure that it would cause infertility and cancer when is overexposure!
What Can We Do About This?
Staying away...
Take a walk - Just like what we suggested here, definitely improve relationship!
Keep your gadgets away while you sleeping
Switch off your WiFi and 3G when you are not using it (save your battery life as well)
What can we do besides not using these electronic devices?
Use the following herb / adaptogen to increase your body resistance towards the electronic frequency. Effectiveness of it will be visible across time rather within a day or two. Like the rest, excessive consumption is not a way out, be optimal.
1. Seaweeds
Rich with minerals that your body required! Seaweeds come in various form, from kelp (for cooking) , nori (for garnishing), or even in tablets (as supplements). Seaweeds helps you in cleansing and flushing all the "toxic" out! Seaweed that is high in iodine that capable to protect the body from radiation
2. Rosemary
Wonderful spice that adds on to the texture of the dish simultaneously protecting you that have been exposed to the radiation.
3. Reishi mushrooms
Powerful antioxidants and marvellous immune boosters and adaptogens. Not only about boosting your resistance, it also help you to deal with your stress and strengthens nervous system! How it helps? By binding the radicals in our body and flush those off from the body! 
4. Green Tea 
This is the famous antioxidant drinks that is more commonly known by public! With the high antioxidants in it, it could ionize radiation from our body at the same time protect against cellular damage. Is an easy accessible tea that you can incorporate if your life without much cost.
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Based on article on Mind Body Green - How To Shield From Comp and Cell phone Radiation

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