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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fathers' Day Simple and Practical Gift Ideas

Fathers' Day!
We had some thought on simple yet practical Fathers' Day gifts that will warm your dad's heart! 

Most of the dads are the one that make the ends meet, and often, they overlook their own needs in the midst of working! Here are some suggestions that you could think about for the Fathers' Day.

1. Quality Apparels/Shirt
It could be both casual or formal depends on which kind of apparel that your father wear most. Unlike girls, most dad dont really go through or shop for themselves and they just pick up the nearest shirt when they think of getting one. They wont shop one by one just to find the right colour, cutting or design, so here is the chance for you to shop on behalf!
2. Comfy Shoes/Slippers
After a working for the whole week in boots/shoes, is always nice to have a comfy pair of slippers/sandals to wear with in the weekend. Enough with thongs or flip flops, get him a comfy pair of sandals, a pair that worth investing :)

3. Sports Equipment
Is your dad a sport lover? If he is into golf, thought of giving him a good club or golf balls? If he is into badminton, a racquet? If he into football... Well, unless he plays, if not a towel/jersey of his favourite club? Anything he can use! Or admire (?) *winks*  
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