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Monday, November 11, 2013

Featured Shop - Seller's Avenue

Clutch has been the recent black that started to replace the normal handbags or sling bags. The merging of bags and wallets and thus producing a multi-purpose clutch, and they usually comes with a strap, which now, you can carry as a mini function purse (clutch), hook on the straps to become a sling bag, shorten the strap to make it a normal handbag!

Introducing one of the blogshops that brings you range of styles and themes from the world of clutches – Seller’s Avenue!
Seller’s Avenue started off by selling miscellaneous stuff on Facebook page -  Sellers Avenue. Is like a treasure hunt, searching and offering unique items, mini items and all – girls stuff J They also administer their FB page as a place where people that have pre-loved or brand new items to offer to be posted on their page, saving hassles for individuals at the same time connecting people of similar interest!

Seller’s Avenue then expanded their channel to sell clutches on instagram (sellersavenue) as well as in their website, for a bigger view and ease to place order!. 

What is more awesome about the website is all pictures are ready to be view once you enter their website, and the prices of their items are all express post inclusive! Saving you all the trouble to calculate the postage fees etc!

Seller’s Avenue carries both pre-order and certain ready stocks (which are the most hot selling items), mainly ranging from RM30 to RM100. As mentioned clutches have been quite an handy fashion items, Seller’s Avenue has totally grasp your need and serve a variety of styles for different events, from punk, chic, formal, trendy, rock, chic, classic and practical! We have filtered through some of the design that we think can be something worthwhile for you to have it in your closet!

First of all, for the convenience of your travelling, they offered Travelling Sling designed with various useful compartments, ideal for you to segregate your identification, boarding passes, mini note pads, and all other accessories! Followed by the functional theme, featuring Mini Document Satchel Clutch and Document Classy. The formal one is more easy going if you have heaps of accessories or item to carry with, and the latter will be more of a formal event, which will be easier for you to carry documents without folding it! Not to forget, there are range of colours for you to choose from to match with your favourite hue!
Size :18.5cm x 15cm  Material: PU /Canvas with Zebra pattern  available 2 different pattern  zebra pattern                        ( canvas ) plain PU
midnight blue

Size : 15cm x 28cm x 7 cm 

material : PU
available in midnight blue / orange/ turquoise pastel / baby pink/ white/ hot pink/ black  Size: 30cm x21cm width  material : good grade synthetic leather
The other products that we recommend would be more of the fun part, the party ones, and the chic style! Like before, range of colours for you to select from for the PU Studded Envelope Clutch, that covered with metallic gold closure and studded buttons! If that's too punk for you, a more subtle version of studded clutch with be the flat button stud, namely Studded yet Elelegant! A classical stud design for the trend that match with all outfits. Talking about trend, no one will miss out the Korean way, so  Stylenanda Korean Studded Clutch feature the oversize clutch in a more complex stud design. Not only it can used as a normal clutch, but a sling or a barrel bag!

Available in  6 colours  royal blue  black red white orange roseo Size : 33cm x23cm   material : PU
Size : 35cm x 22cm  available colours :  beige  black  Size : 40cm length x width 8cm x height 27cm material : PU  +  round studs
If you are lean towards classical, Victorian, conservative but still has the urge to be in fad, we suggest Hard Base Diecut Cluth, pale colour clutch without losing its attractiveness! Go for a more mature prints from VIVI Magazine Tote, a tote that draw out your feminine side.
size: 21cm x 30cm  material :  PU (this clutch is more solid and firm )
Size: 25cm x 40cm x14cm
Material: synthetic silk
If you fond for a simpler, direct and monotonous colour, the Aztec Tribal Clutch can be a good match for you! The structured clutch with geometric prints in black and white will go best with a simpler and plain outlook so it wont be saturated! If you wish to stand out for simple prints, Cheetah Elegance is your other options, as the print is bold enough and
1333 May. 24 12.15

Size : 21cm x 30cm 

material : PU
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