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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Colour Your 2014

You can't start off the exciting year of 2014 without
is here to share with you how colours can be embedded in our daily life from apparels to food [or people know it as colour therapy]!
Eating Your Colour
The easiest way to begin with is using rainbow colour in mind! When we were kids, we always amazed with the multi hues reflected from the rainbow and those are the colours that engraved in our mind! Do you know different colours of food can affect the digestive system as well as our body's nutrient absorption? You could refer to here for more detailed info (types of food and how it affect us) on the food colours series!
Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange

Wearing The Colour
Believe it or not, your state of the day can be affected by what you are wearing! Colour can also be a body language on how people perceived about you! 

The mini infographic is from AuraVisions that provide you a sense of various colours and the implied impression!  If you are not ready for a total change in colour, you can gradually adapting it by accessorizing your outfit with the energy that you wish to deliver! For example if you are heading for a informal social event, try mixing it with bright colours like yellow that bridge yourself closer to strangers or friends through fun and humour! This colour plate is merely a guide, but you never know how this could have spice up your life *winks*.

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