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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fake Review! How Can We Spot It?

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E-Commerce has been part of our lifestyle, with the start of blogshop till the spur of e-commerce website. Unlike the brick and mortar model, as a consumer/buyer, we couldn't have the tangible touch on things that we intend to buy, and so we highly relied on online reviews, comments and feedback to make sure that we are paying for a good product or service.
We came across an article written by Abigail Tracy from that shared her thoughts on how can we spot a fake online review! Check out her tips :)
1. Username
2. Style and Message
3. Jargon
Read more to know about the details!
Excerpt from her article as below:
"Look into the username. 
The username listed with a review can be a solid giveaway for a fake review. When you click on a reviewer’s profile, you can usually see if there are any social media accounts associated with that username. If there are, the review is more likely authentic. A Google search of the username can also come in handy as paid reviewers will likely have written other reviews. Look for simialrities across reviews and any duplication.
Pay attention to style and message. 
Be wary of reviews that are either extremely negative or extremely positive--especially ones that lack a lot of details. Many exclamation points, capital letters and a lot of personal pronouns are also red flags. These can signal that a reviewer is overcompensating for not having actually tried the product or service. 
Keep your eyes open for marketing jargon. 
A lot of fake reviews will use language that isn’t colloquial or sounds like it could from a press release. Additionally, unatural repetition of the brand or product names can signal that it is not an authentic review as most consumers wouldn't incorporate those."

Article by Abigail Tracy on "How to Spot Fake Online Reviews"
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