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      What aspects should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of evaporative coating machine

      1. A trace of poor quality was found in the routine maintenance of consumer equipment, and it should be disposed of immediately.
      For vacuum coating machines, don't think that the oil is switched on-demand, waiting for the repair time, the rotor pump can be severely worn. For example, the turret of some stuck workpieces of the bearing, the conversion of the bearing, and then the breakthrough is intact, but it is really a big effect, the coating machine can cause the turret motor to burn and so on.
      2. Regular maintenance. Someone will ask whether the daily protection of the coating machine also needs regular protection? Each equipment has its own life. For example, the service life of the oil dispersion pump is 2 years, and the coating machine has no effect in the consumption stage.
      You need to extend the daily protection and regular maintenance, the service life of the equipment at the same moment, and the probability of success in the consumption process will greatly increase, and the consumption power will be improved.
      3. Don't assemble blindly.
      The vacuum part of the coating machine is difficult, and many companies do not leak the detector and will gradually find it.
      Why not go to vacuum can have the following points:
      3-1. Perhaps it is the leakage rate, which is what we often call leakage;
      3-2. Maybe the pumping talent of the vacuum unit is not enough, purification or oxidation;
      3-3. It can be too dirty air in a vacuum chamber; water leakage in the coating machine
      3-4. Vacuum chamber;
      4. The secondary pipeline is leaking; or it has a possible effect. Firstly, it is judged based on the phenomenon, and then the effect is found based on the judgment, which can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.
      5. Develop good hygiene habits. Dust removal equipment and peripheral equipment of coating machine. Dust will generate static electricity and damage electronic components. Oil can quench the cracks of the conduit, causing some unexpected effects.

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