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      How to solve the film drop of vacuum coating

      Empty coating will encounter film drop. What is the reason for this situation and how to solve these problems?
      1. Surface cleanliness
      The surface cleanliness of the product is not enough, you can consider argon amplification and longer time when cleaning the ion source.
      2. Problems in the cleaning process
      The cleaning was not in place before plating, or the cleaning solution was replaced.
      3. The problem of craftsmanship
      Whether the process parameters have changed, make appropriate adjustments in the coating time and current.
      4. The problem with the target material
      Whether the titanium target is poisoned, check and replace it.
      5. Whether the vacuum chamber is leaking
      Perform a leak detection.
      6. Product surface oxidation
      There are many reasons for oxidation, so you can judge and deal with it yourself.
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