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      Plasma products are widely used in the packaging industry. Plasma treatment technology is used for surface cleaning, activation and coating of various types of workpieces. After plasma treatment, the surface state of the product can fully meet the requirements of subsequent coating, bonding and other processes to achieve the pursuit of modern manufacturing processes. High quality, high reliability, high efficiency, low cost and other goals.

      Working principle
      In its empty state, the pressure is getting smaller and smaller, the inter-molecular spacing is getting larger, and the intermolecular force is getting smaller and smaller. Nitrogen is mixed into the vacuum chamber body to control the chamber pressure within a set range. The strong electric field oscillates nitrogen and other process gases into ions with high reactivity or high energy. The high-energy plasma in the vacuum chamber blasts the workpiece, and the molecules on the surface of the workpiece are excited and ionized to reconnect and regroup, effectively eliminating the stress on the substrate and removing the mold release agent. Oxide, moisture and organic dirt, then these volatile substances are removed by the vacuum exhaust system.

      Equipment function
      Vacuum high-pressure plasma pretreatment equipment is a high-efficiency cleaning and activation technology. The DLL series rapid plasma cleaning equipment manufactured by Weilit Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. is suitable for cleaning and activating the surface of various workpieces before coating or coating of various substrates. It can effectively remove impurities such as mold release agent and oil stains on the surface of the workpiece, and can completely eliminate the stress of the workpiece. So as to solve the problem of paint film adhesion.

      Equipment characteristics
      This pre-treatment method is a thorough peel-off cleaning. After cleaning, there is no waste liquid that can handle metal semiconductors and polymer materials well. It is not affected by the complex structure of the workpiece and has no blind areas; it enhances the substrate and film of the workpiece. The binding force of the department.