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      Technological innovation Professional services

      Resistive evaporation coating equipment


      Front view of WLT vacuum VLT-1600B dual-unit coating machine

      Top view of VLT vacuum VLT-1600B dual-unit coating machine

      Side view of VLT vacuum VLT-1600B dual-unit coating machine
      Technical parameter
      Device model VLT-1000B VLT-1200B VLT-1400B VLT-1500B VLT-1600B VLT-1800B VLT-2000B
      Size 1000×1500 1200×1650 1400×1800 1500×1850 1600×1950 1800×1950 2000×2100
      Power supply type: resistance heating tungsten filament evaporation transformer power supply, high-voltage ion bombardment power supply, thyristor power supply
      Structure: vertical double door, air pumping system
      Vacuum system: slide valve pump + roots pump + diffusion pump maintenance pump (or optional: cryogenic pump, cryogenic system)
      Ultimate vacuum: 6×10-4pa (no load, clean room)
      Pumping room: no-load air pumping to 5×10- 2pa less than or equal to 6 minutes
      Workpiece rotation: single axis/6 axis/8 axis revolution/inverter stepless speed regulation
      Control mode: manual + semi-automatic + fully automatic integration / touch screen + PLC
      Remarks: The size of the vacuum chamber can be customized according to customer's product and special process requirements

      Equipment characteristics
      Production period: -900sec (15 minutes)/1 period shorter than that of similar equipment
      Coating method: heating wire evaporation coating method
      Coating quality: Each door has 6`8 sets of fixtures, and the coating thickness is uniform at the same time for autobiography and revolution. It is suitable for mass production of economical car lamps. Dehumidification capacity: The vacuum chamber is equipped with an ultra-low temperature freezing system below minus 140 degrees to fully absorb moisture. Vacuum reach speed
      Operating cost: The volume of the vacuum chamber is relatively large, the number of coatings is large each time, and the operating cost of a single piece is low
      Number of fixtures: According to the size of the product, the fixture can be changed to 6 axis or 8 axis at will, without any installation and adjustment when changing
      Floor area: double-door structure, relatively smaller installation area and operation area than similar equipment
      Operation method: The man-machine interface can be set and monitored intuitively, and the person who has no management password can not change it
      After-sales service: There is an after-sales service center and parts warehouse, which can quickly deal with problems in use

      Equipment principle diagram

      Left: Apply a certain voltage to the heating wire in a suitable vacuum environment to evaporate the aluminum wire placed on the heating wire to the surface of the rotating product to achieve the purpose of aluminum plating.
      Right: According to the size of the product, change the 6-axis fixture at will, (when the product size is relatively large, each vacuum chamber is equipped with six fixtures) or 8-axis (when the product size is relatively small, each vacuum chamber is equipped with 8 fixtures), it is not necessary for replacement Any installation and adjustment.